Shoes to Check Out this Fall 2021

Indianapolis Image Consultant advises how Boots can add a pop of color to an outfit Maybe shoes are an afterthought for you when you think about your fashion and style. But, they are not! Shoes can make an outfit spectacular or ho-hum. I have to admit for many years I just had the typical shoe wardrobe: Black pumps, black flats, maybe a taupe dress shoe, and some Ugg boots. That was it. I never thought about shoes. But later, as I developed as an Indianapolis Image Consultant I really became a fan of red shoes and “Pop” of color. I added it to safe combinations such as black and red, navy and red, or cream and red. You can do so much more with red!

Fast forward to now, and my perspective has changed. I now consider shoes to be a huge accessory; sometimes they are the main show of the outfit, especially if they are a bright color, an unusual print or pattern, or cute or unusual style. You might have had a similar relationship with shoes. Today I am focusing on women’s shoes. First, it’s fall now and winter is coming, so of course, I am talking about boots.

Indianapolis Image Consultant Looks At Women’s Shoe Trends for Fall 2021

Slouchy Boots

First, I am seeing many slouchy boots. They are bigger and gathered around the calf area, and they are often in suede such as brown or black, but they can be in an animal print. I have a bargain boot and a more splurge version. These cute boots from the Banana Republic are my bargain option that doesn’t skimp on style.

This pretty neutral color (that is really popular) is from Saks Fifth Avenue. A little pricier, but these are boots that will literally match anything.

Chunky Soles

Another shoe you will continue seeing, that actually came out a year or two ago but is still strong, are Oxfords and boots with the chunky-soled style. These shoes will prevent you from slipping on the ice for sure.

Here’s another shoe with a chunky sole. I love the color of these suede boots from Vince on HSN of all places.

Furry and Fuzzy Shoes

Fuzzy and fur items are going to be big for this season. Think of the fuzzy slipper shoes we saw earlier this year, shearing-lined boots, and sandals such as these Sketchers slides.

If you’d prefer furry accents to fur all over, these cute boots from See by Chloe are the perfect combination of furry and functional with their chunky sole.

Why Fall Fashion Seems More Casual

Indianapolis Image Consultant Beth Divine encourages you to try chunky boots with skirts and dressesEven as an Indianapolis Image Consultant, these shoes gave me casual vibes. Did you feel the same? These aren’t the types of shoes we normally see hit the runways for the fall. What types of outfits work with them? How do you pull off such casual shoes?

Stylists and image consultants alike have been talking about the state of fashion. Fashion shows have taken place around the world again. In Paris, they were even outside. Stores are starting to stock other items again such as dresses more and leisure and comfort wear less. But I believe we will never go back to the luscious choices we used to have. It wasn’t just the pandemic that has caused this, it’s consumer attitude. More and more people are becoming concerned with waste, and clothing waste is one of the biggest there is. Did you know it takes 2,000 gallons of water to make just one pair of jeans? Did you know just how often clothing items end up in a landfill after one, maybe two, or just five wearings? (This is another blog!)

Anyway, you don’t have to be an Indianapolis Image Consultant to know that most of these shoes are not going to look right formal dress. That includes a suit, a work dress, or even dress pants. But they can make more casual clothing look cool. Reach for items in cotton, suede, faux leather, and spandex appear for a more interesting and varied look. Like a casual dress with chunky boots.

Indianapolis Image Consultant Has Your Back

We’ve scratched the surface on a lot of tough topics in this blog, but I want you to feel confident that as an Indianapolis Image Consultant I can still help you find what you’re looking for. Are you having a hard time finding a wedding guest dress? Looking for more sustainable and environmentally friendly clothing choices? Not sure how to pull off this casual look? Reach out to me and we can shop together to find something that will look amazing on you whatever the occasion!

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC, Indianapolis Image Consultant and Personal Stylist