Shining at those holiday parties…

Coat from your Carmel Personal StylistIt seems holiday parties are becoming a “thing” again. I am glad. I love the opportunity to see neighbors, socialize with our church Sunday School class, and friends don’t see often during the year. When you think about what you wear to a party, I am always in favor of comfort and style. I try to wear something eye-catching yet easy. I, your Carmel Personal Stylist, love wearing metallics, red and green at the holidays. If it’s really cold, I tend to wear slim black pants that fit me well or are a little special in lace, metallic, or velvet. Pick one — fancy top or sweater. Avoid making the top and bottom your focal point.

Your Carmel Personal Stylist’s Guide to this Holiday Season

Men, now’s the time to wear that fun whimsical tie that I may deny you during a typical workday. It’s important to know your best colors to shine to the max. I only emphasize this because it took me so long to figure out my best colors. As a bit of a paradox, I have my mother’s dark and high pigmented year-round Welsh tan. It’s great in warm weather because everyone’s always envious of my glow! However, my father’s cool blue-green eyes, blonde (now dirty blonde) hair and blue-mauve lips certainly give me an “unusual” look to my coloring. It’s always been a challenge to find my best neutral because black is not flattering at all on me; neither is grey, burgundy, and deep hunter green. So that excludes many sparkling holiday colors.

But there is an answer. I can shine in a lighter green, a velvet navy, and of course all warm reds. I can also rock gold metallic and all shades of cream.

When I need to wear black–such as during our choir program–I try to wear a scarf or eye-catching necklace with some silver, gold, or jewel tones.

I can wear a magenta color — something like a light purple with a little red in it–as another option. It is one of those universal colors most people can wear.

Coat from your Carmel Personal Stylist

Give your coat some consideration. Don’t show. up to a holiday party dressed to the nines with a dismal puffer coat over it all.I also love a plaid coat. This one from Lands’ End is warm and fashionable! I also like to mix in a little animal print with my warm winter coat. Do you know your best animal print? Warm or cool. Mind is a brown leopard.

Even though not everyone agrees–including some of my clients–I always try to convince everyone to purchase a warm, stylish coat in 100 percent wool, cashmere, or even camel hair. You will not be sorry. This basic will give you a sophisticated, put-together image, even when. you just wear jeans and a shirt to the office.

Don’t forget accessories, either. I am referring to the colorful scarf; a beanie in bright colors, gloves that are presentable and warm. You can buy some trendy items here since you may change them out from season to season.

Much like not matching my earrings and necklace, or all my clothing to the outfit, don’t feel obligated to have matching gloves, hat, and scarves.

I, your Carmel Personal Stylist,  am giving you some permission to play.


Need some help with your party look or winter outwear, I am here to help.

Keep it sassy, Indy!

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC,

Carmel Persoal Stylist & Image Consultant