Having The Perfect Eyebrows…

When I was in eighth grade, probably 13 years old, I discovered tweezers. I had had very heavy eyebrows my whole life. It was a family trait I did not like. Being the fashion-forward Personal Styling tween I was I plucked my brows until they were a slim, sleek line. Promptly after that, I had my school photos. I was proud. I was wearing a purple, yellow and black silk dress I had made and sporting new brows.

Personal Styling Then VS Now

Looking back, I looked like a blonde Morticia from The Adams Family. I don’t think my parents really said anything about it. They were cool in that way. Then after that into my 20s and even 30s, I let my brows just grow out. They were very heavy and unshaped. One day I was getting my hair cut and my stylist said – why don’t you get your brows shaped. It will make a huge difference. I was not in the fashion field at the time and thought why not. Can this really be true?

Well, that is history and I am now a firm believer that eyebrows are an extremely important part of our style and overall image. It did make a huge difference. The fullness of brows goes in style and out, but I recommend doing what is best for your brows and their texture.

Personal Styling For Your Brows

There is a specific way to know how your brows should be shaped. There is a “how-to” for that as well as countless Google articles and YouTube videos on it. Research it and don’t always rely on your stylist, etc.

As I got older my brows tended to be less full and have a few stray gray hairs in them that I hated. I tried some brow gels and pencils and settled on a blonde pencil from Lancôme that I have used for years. It looks very natural, and that is always your goal. Beware of dying brows too dark or using a pencil that is too far from the color of your hair. It screams “false” and is just not flattering.

Cosmetologist plucks client eyebrows by thread

Do get your brows waxed or threaded for stray hairs that mess up their nice shape. I only recently tried Threading and found it to be effective if you can stand the pain. It’s about the same as waxing actually in the pain level.

I am not going to discuss tattooing brows – maybe in a few instances it’s beautiful, but I have seen many examples of it that look horrible. Be careful here. It’s much more permanent than dying brows.

The last tip may seem strange and not endorsed by the medical community, but I use a lash builder on my brows. It works. There are many out there that work. I also use a lash builder serum on my lashes and it really helps! (however – the medical community has said that some lash serums such as Latasse make blue eyes turn brown, so read the fine print before you start using them.) Also, the latest on this process are the many brow growth serums out there. I have not tried them, but if you read reviews you might want to try one of them. Here’s a list:Best Brow Enhancers

Keep it sassy, Indy

Beth Divine, MA

AICI Certified Image Consultant and Personal Styling

President, AICI Chicago Midwest Chapter