Want to Work with an Indianapolis Men’s Stylist?

Many people know about Indianapolis Men’s Stylist, but they don’t really understand what image consultants do. I am trained to do both.

Indianapolis Men's Stylist suit suggestionsWith Indianapolis Men’s Stylist, I spend one to two appointments getting to know clients, taking measurements, asking questions to determine style and lifestyle, and then devise a plan for shopping. Of course, part of that is making a list, based on what your goals and budget are. As an Indianapolis Stylist, I am trained to work with nearly all populations.

I often and like to do a closet cleanse at that time, too, to see what the client has and needs. I do this about half of the time. Sometimes people like to bring clothes to me so we can evaluate them along with the style/personal consult.

What Does an Indianapolis Men’s Stylist Do

As an Indianapolis Men’s Stylist and Image Consultant (via the prestigious Association of Image Consultants International), color analysis is always a part of this first appointment – otherwise I don’t have enough information to create a plan for you. For instance, if we decide you need a structured blazer and we put it on your shopping list – what color? If I know you are a spring, I am not going to recommend a black blazer, etc.

Indianapolis Men's Stylist suit suggestionsYour style and shape guide all that I do with you as well. That is the difference between me and a shopping consultant at a large department store, say Nordstrom. That sales associate does not know as well as I do. Those people are also trying to sell you as much as possible. As an independent Indianapolis Men’s Stylist, I don’t make money from how much you buy.

What happens at the shopping appointment?

  • Based on your budget, needs, style, and shape, I decide what stores I visit to pull your clothes and arrange them by outfit. It is not an accident that nearly everything I pick and put together in an outfit coordinates with the others pieces you will purchase. It’s part of the plan!

After our first shopping appointment, I often go back to the client’s closet and arrange it, clean it out, and make a visual look book (online closet on the web and an app) so they can easily get dressed each day.

This is just a basic Indianapolis Men’s Stylist appointment. The next few blogs will cover the additional service I offer and image consultant services geared to specific requests. Reach out to schedule your appointment today!

Keep it sassy, Indy

Beth Divine,
MA, AICI-CIC, Indianapolis Men’s Stylist