And Now, My Least Favorite Things

Since I just wrote a blog about my favorite things, it seems only fitting to write a blog about my “Least Favorite Things.” If you see some of yourself in this blog, that is the point. (Tongue in cheek.)

Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist Shares Her Fashion Pet Peeves

Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist Recommends avoiding mid-calf boots and dressesPairing A Dress With A Causal Bootie

This is my number one pet peeve. I see it all the time. Basically, it’s when women wear a very casual bootie, often in a light color such as beige, with a formal dress, or really any dress that hits at the knee when their legs are full. It is not a flattering look for many reasons: First, it cuts off your leg at the ankle. This makes the leg shorter and thus look heavier immediately. Younger girls can wear this look, but for many women, it’s not flattering.

Wearing Black All The Time

Don’t get me wrong. I do understand the elegance and chicness of black. Why a pair of black skinny jeans make me look taller, leaner, and feel, well, sexy. Just this morning my doctor said to me, “You’ve lost weight. Music to my ears — but it was typical skinny jeans I wear so much.

But I do think wearing black near your face all the time without contrast or accent color is not doing anyone any favors. Black, while slimming, can also make you look tired and even older. During those few times when this Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist wears black, I wear a wow color such as royal blue, red, or even turquoise to detract from the severity of black.

Everything matching–always.

A Color Analysis By An Indianapolis Image Consultant will find the colors that look best on youI used to try to do this and now actually avoid this at all costs. Our colors don’t need to “match” but they can just “go.” I look to the color wheel for inspiration on how to use colors. As an Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist, this is one of my favorite skills to show clients. If you do not know how to put colors together, please message me for a color consult. Even better, if you don’t know how to choose colors that flatter your coloring, or that merely go together, I can show you how! When you are wearing your most flattering colors, you will look younger, more energized, and happier. For instance, with my warm color, Coral is one of my best colors.

Here are some of my favorite color combinations for me: aqua and orange; red and burgundy; red and orange; red and pink; navy and black, navy and brown, purple and orange; purple and yellow, light green, orange and yellow; yellow and blue, camel and blue, camel and red, camel and black, camel and cream, camel and grey…and the list goes on.

Costume dressing

No one likes wacky combinations more than I do. But sometimes I have to laugh when someone overdoes it. For instance, I find it amusing when a grown woman wears metal cat ears as an accessory. Well, for sure, you don’t forget this person easily.

Buying cheap, all the time.

This is not just a female thing to do. The way I look at it you pay for what you get. We all love a bargain, and I do buy items on sale at times, but not everything I own is a sale item. I honestly like a mix of items. I don’t hesitate to buy higher-priced basics I know I will wear for or use for years such as a wool or cashmere coat or bag.

Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist Can Help Save You From A Fashion Disaster

Are you hitting at a few of my Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist pet peeves? Whether it’s a fashion update or just a second opinion, I can help. Color analysis and a wardrobe consult could just want you to need to improve your style and trust me, people will notice! Contact me today to learn more!


Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC

Image Consultant, Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist,  and Personal Stylist