My Favorite Summer Products for Men and Women!

I am a summer person! I love the weather, the sun, the more laid-back vibe. It’s also when many of us go on vacation. I do love the beach, but in summer, we just go up to Michigan and enjoy the Great Lakes. When it’s colder in the Midwest, that’s the time I go to the beach. Anyway, in summer, I like some different products and clothing I don’t really embrace at other times in the year. Anyway, as an Indianapolis Image Consultant, I highly recommend some cleansing products in summer. For everyone. For men, women, children! Taking care of your skin in the summer should be a priority. Your skin may be oily, dry from the sun, or even sunburned. So the products I recommend are sunscreens and sunscreens with moisturizer for everyone – men and women.

Indianapolis Image Consultant’s Favorite Skin Care Products For Summer Fun

  1. Indianapolis Image Consultant recommends practicing good skin care this summerImage skincare products. Tere is a moisturizer with SPF and an oil-free version SPF. You should pick the one that best suits your skin. This powerhouse is worth every penny, and it feels amazing on your face. I also like their other products such as the moisturizer, etc.,
  2.  Kiehl’s – Men’s Fuel moisturizer and Ultra facial cream. Very nice products that feel great on your skin.
  3.  I also like Drunken Elephant for cruelty-free products.
  4. At the drug store, c out Aveeno. there are several types with varying degrees of SPF protection. I personally use these products and can vouch for their effectiveness.
  5. Another wallet saved is CeraVE. Good products that will save you from the sun.

Believe it or not, I really like to use sunblocks specially formulated for the face. And then use another formula for the rest of your body. The reason is that these products are made for the face and have the right amount of oil, etc., and are less rich than the moisturizers used on the rest of us.

All Over Skin Care Products Recommended by an Indianapolis Image Consultant

Indianapolis Image Consultant recommends keeping your skin safe by wearing a sun hat this summer

For good overall sun protection for your body, I am not as picky, and just pick the product I like and trust. If you don’t like to sun-tan outside, and good for you, try one of the self-tanners out there. I particularly like Jergen’s Glow brand. There are different colors and it’s inexpensive.

Also Dr. Dennis Gross has some self-tanner pads that are highly related. Actually, if I may divert,  I love everything about this NYC dermatologist’s products. I have used his peels for years, and I now have added his collagen cream for my rich night cream. I may be switching to one of his serums as well. His products are pricy, but if you read reviews and believe what I say they are very good quality, and just as important they do what they are supposed to do.

No Sun Screen, No Problem

I also recommend wearing a hat that truly blocks the sun. This is another easy and stylish way to shield your face from the sun, a stylish option for men and women. Great for vacations, and non-vacation outdoor activities like gardening or hiking.

Have a great summer, and don’t damage your skin. Wear hats and the best sunblocks you can afford. It will save you an apt with the dermatologist later!

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Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine

Indianapolis Image Consultant & ACIC-CIC