How to Deal with Your Hair Color as You Age…

I hate to tell you, but aging happens, and you can’t do anything about it. Now, that being said, as a Personal Stylist, I am being very proactive about health, eating nutritious food, and maintaining my weight. That last one can be such a struggle. It’s so hard because I have never been naturally thin, ever. Hmmm, that is another blog, as I say many times.

Beth Divine Talks About The Struggles of Hair Color As We Age

When I was born my mother told me she was thrilled to have another blonde, blue-eyed child. The first was my brother, and then the two brothers in between were very brunette, like her. They were both handsome, but being the daughter of immigrants (Wales and Ireland), Mom also loved the “different” lighter-haired children as my dad was (Swedish).

Anyway, I found early on my hair wasn’t that light! And my eyes were a strange bright shade of blue that sometimes looked green. My skin was not fair but very tan which was great in the summer. You’d think oh what’s wrong with that? Of course, like many women everywhere, I wanted to keep my blonde hair blonde! So I began using Sun-In as many of my friends did. It looked okay as long as I didn’t use too much.

Fast forward to now and my hair darker, surprisingly somewhat “ash” as my hairstylist says. It does not bode well with my very warm complexion. Anyway, for most of my adult life, I have highlighted my hair in various shades of blonde. A few years ago I went very blonde and very golden. I could wear it but…I don’t think it was the best look for me. I was also a redhead and a light brown (which surprisingly many people liked).

Even Personal Stylists Make Bad Hair Choices

As I began my Personal Stylist training several years ago, I was surprised to learn that hair and makeup were such a big part of my training. One of my last teachers said she was blonde for many years. She was never a natural blonde but tried the color in college. Her husband had only known her as a blonde. But she came to the realization that very blonde hair washed her out and wasn’t flattering anymore. How I wish more women would embrace this principle!

While it’s true I am a natural blonde I can get away with blonde highlights, but even I can overdo it. Since I have changed my hair and let much of the natural shine through my hair it harmonizes so much better with my complexion and eyes. I am going to continue to let more of the natural color show because it is such a dramatic change. Suddenly, my eyes are brighter; my skin has more color. You see, the extreme blonde was washing me out. I even like a little grey to show. I came to this realization during COVID. Life still went on with a little grey hair.

I am convinced hair color is at the root of the many issues we have with our wardrobe. When someone’s hair is dyed blonde, she or he tends to choose the bright, summer-washed colors to go with the hair. But, sadly, those colors are not always in harmony with someone else’s eyes and skin tone. My advice to everyone out there who is over 50 and wearing extremely blonde hair is to scale it back. Look at your photos from your teen years. Put some of that color back into your hair.

If you were never a blonde…why do you think you can be now?

Another mistake women make with their hair, They add gold or caramel-color highlights to their brunette hair. This is very common and not a flattering or harmonious look. If your hair is ash (cool), the worst thing you can do is add gold to your hair since your complexion is most likely cool, too. Just add some ash highlights. Not gold or brown. I can’t tell you how often I see a woman with beautiful black, cool hair (and blue or green eyes) start highlighting their hair. It’s better to leave it alone and work with the color you have nearly every time.

Here are some photos to illustrate what I am saying. My former neighbor shifted from a very golden blonde to a light brown/warm light red. I cannot believe the difference it makes, her eyes really pop now!

Get Help from an Experienced Personal Stylist

If you’d like a color consult please reach out! I promise you, it will change your life and the way you see yourself.  Contact me today and you’ll learn not only which hair color looks best on you, but make-up shades and clothing as well. Don’t forget about Father’s Day! As an Indianapolis Men’s Personal Stylist, men especially those who value their professional image would love a gift certificate to boost their style (and maybe learn how to hide the grays too).

Keep is sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC