More Common Issues with Shopping…

As an Indiana Image Consultant, another very common shopping issue I see right now is the fault of COVID and the continuing broken supply chain. What happens is people go out to shop for an item, and they cannot find it — or it is not in their size. Frustrated they stop shopping and go exclusively online.

Shopping Issues I see As Your Indiana Image Consultant

I am not against shopping online, but there are some issues with it.

Indiana Image Consultant Suit SizeBecause fit is fashion, and you cannot try on the clothing you buy online, you might buy something that doesn’t fit. You may not even realize it doesn’t fit. Nonetheless, the fit is key. To have an optimum style and image, your clothing has to fit. As an Indiana Image Consultant, I see that many people do not return the clothing they buy online, they keep it and wear it anyway–men do this more than women.

Case in point: My husband told me he had trouble finding his size in a suit. He is harder to fit — he is 6’1″ and very slim, a typical Ectomorph. He is also long-waisted with shorter legs for someone that tall. He often has trouble buying sweaters and polos because they are too short. Anyway, he had been told he was a 40 in a suit, but often the store didn’t have that size. So he bought what they had – a 42 that was really too big. Once we got married, I gave him a custom-made (bespoke) suit as a gift. The tailor said his size was really more of a 38 Long!

Another big reason we are not happy with the clothing we buy is that we don’t know how to put together an outfit. We don’t know what colors go together, or what pieces make an outfit more polished. This is a very basic class I, your Indiana Image Consultant, often teach clients. Or, if I do a closet cleanse for them, I put new outfits together for them. Often they are amazed at what works for them. It is key for me to know their style because they dictate whether they like something.

A Color Analysis By An Indiana Image Consultant will find the colors that look best on youColor is so important. Many times if you absolutely do not know what your “WOW” colors are. You are probably just picking out what is in the store. That could mean black, and black is not flattering to all. When you do a color analysis with Beth Divine Style, you will receive a book of color swatches that are the colors you should wear in your clothing; the makeup colors you wear as well. This can be life-changing because you are armed with information that tells you what colors to look for when you shop. You know they are flattering and, when you try them on you will look in the mirror and see how much better you look in colors that enhance you in every way

I find when I do a closet cleanse, I am cleaning out the colors that do not flatter people. It feels so good!! If you’d like a closet to cleanse, or do the entire Style Program, please reach out to me for an informational call.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC

Personal Stylist and Indiana Image Consultant