And, the Last Blog About Shopping and Its Issues

Shopping…it is something people seem to love or hate. As an Indiana Women’s Stylist, Here are more of my opinions about it. And why it goes very right or very wrong.

Shopping Advice from an Indiana Women’s Stylist

Indiana Women's Stylist shopping for shirts

Many people actually have a phobia about shopping. They don’t like the way they look in the mirror and thus won’t shop. That is okay! I, your Indiana Women’s Stylist, do have a service when I meet with clients for the first few steps to my style program — Color Analysis, Style Analysis, Shape Analysis; Closet Cleanse, and Shopping list, and finally shopping live or online, or shop and deliver.

For some established clients, I do shop for them and deliver. They keep what they want, and then I return for them. It works if I know all that I need to know to make the very best choices about style, fabric, and most important — fit. For these clients, I often buy two different sizes until I understand what brands fit best. If you do not want to ever shop live, talk to me, your Indiana Women’s Stylist, about this service. It starts at $500 since it involves me shopping, delivering clothes to you, returning them to the store, and handling any alterations.

Another common pitfall of shopping is bowing too much to trends. People often ask me whether they are clients are not — what is in right now? We all love new colors, styles, and what the designers are doing in their collections or shows. What is more fun than that? Some of us are obsessed with either following all trends and avoiding all classic standbys or items deemed “out” by our Instagram Influencers.

As an Indiana Women’s Stylist, My advice is to be balanced. It’s often hard for people to see what trends they can really wear, and so some people just throw their hands up and say – I am not following anything new. I am a classic and don’t like trends. Or you have the other extreme of someone who follows all trends whether they are flattering or not. Then you can become a fashion victim.

Indiana Women's Stylist in leather pantsCase in Point – I have embraced faux leather leggings these last two years they have been popular. I know I look better in leather skinny pants versus tight leggings since I have fuller legs. I then saw the wider leg, paper bag leather pants that were more of a gaucho. I bought them in a beautiful rich burgundy color that went with so many of my fall basics. But – wait – I posed for a photo in one of those outfits and discovered: They looked terrible. My legs looked enormous and my hips much wider than they are. I don’t have those anymore.

Indiana Women's Stylist outfit suggestion

I do, however, continue to look at trends for myself and my clients. For instance, I just did a closet audit where the client had beautiful blazers and leather jackets. We kept nearly all of them. As an Indiana Women’s Stylist, I noticed she did not have any wide legs or flare leg pants. And, most importantly, I knew from analyzing her shape that she could certainly wear this shape. So when I shopped for her in her online catalog I included some wider leg pants. (In this catalog, she can click on the photo and purchase the item right there. I have already picked the item in her size.) I hope she tries them! Here is one of her more casual outfits! If you would like to learn more information, reach out to your favorite Indiana Women’s Stylist.

Keep it sassy, Indy!

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC

Indiana Women’s Stylist and Image Consultant