Wedding Styling Made Easier with Beth Divine Style

As an Indianapolis Fashion Stylist, I sometimes get called to help out with the most fashionable day of a young couple’s life, their wedding.  I have a lot of fun doing wedding styling. I’ll help the bride pick her dress or sometimes I help the mothers of the bride or groom. It is a fun activity! I have learned the mother of the bride/groom often struggle for many reasons. I thought I’d cover that in this blog since one client is fresh on my mind.

Indianapolis Fashion Stylist Tips for Wedding styleIndianapolis Fashion Stylist Tips For Mother’s of the Bride/Groom

Dress For You, Not The Bride

A lot of mothers tell me they are really unsure of what to wear to their child’s wedding. Especially if they do not want the big, traditional mother-of-the-bride dress es that is out there. So many mothers think they need to pick a  big, heavy, satin, beaded, and lacy dress. It’s just too much, especially for a summer wedding.  So my first piece of advice is to stay true to yourself and your style. If you don’t want this kind of dress there are other options. You want a dress that flatters you and you feel comfortable as well. You don’t have to sacrifice style for that.

Give Yourself Time

Allow plenty of time to shop and don’t give up easily. Don’t shun bridal stores. Sometimes they have more options than the typical website or department store because they can order in sizes and colors.

Don’t Try To Be A Bridesmaid

Don’t try to “match”the bridal color scheme. If anything, try to coordinate with it. With so many colors and options, it’s hard to match anything. My Indianapolis Fashion Stylist advice is to ask the bride for a picture of the bridesmaid dresses to start. If you find it’s not your style, shop around until you find something that is. Avoid extremely bright colors unless it’s a beach wedding, and whites, of course. Prints can be flattering if they are subtle and they fit your style. For outdoor weddings, look for light fabrics in chiffon, cotton, and light lace.

Indianapolis Fashion Stylist helps mothers of the bride find the best dress

Get Hair & Makeup Done

Hair and makeup the day of the wedding might be something to consider. Always do a practice if possible. Don’t make the mistake of trying a new haircut right before the wedding. Coordinate with the bride to see if her hair and beauty services are available to you too. If not, try to make an appointment at a salon near-by the venue. If you are traveling to a new area for the wedding, ask the wedding venue or the bride what makeup vendors are available. A wedding venue will know area vendors because they are always coming to the venue to do services.

If you are thinking of wearing your hair up, don’t cut your hair right before the wedding or go to a new stylist. Work with your current stylist to play with some up-dos. Up-dos are perfect for hot summer weddings but aren’t necessary if you have short hair.  If the wedding is outdoors, make sure your makeup artist is using waterproof makeup and very little moisturizer under your makeup.  Consider airbrush makeup too. It is lightweight so your face won’t sweat too much. Airbrush makes looks beautiful and wears well. You will look awesome in photos, too. Try to get your makeup done early, but not too early because you don’t want to sweat it off!

Shoes & Accessories Are A Must

At an outdoor wedding, of course don’t wear stiletto heels. Ballet flats or wedge sandals will work and be very pretty.  Don’t forget your bag and jewelry. Play it more conservative and don’t buy really cheap jewelry. Pearls are always nice and can never be wrong. Once you find a dress, play around with some jewelry for the perfect look.

Take Lots Of Pictures

While some brides want an unplugged wedding, don’t be afraid to take candid shots. I remember these were the best photos at my wedding since I could see what wedding guests were doing. Put your phone down for the ceremony, but when the party starts, you’ll definitely want pictures to show your friends later. Also don’t forget about a bag for your phone, like a cute clutch that matches your dress. It’s also great to hold your lipstick or concealer. I also highly recommend the video of the wedding. It captures a special moment in time. Enjoy it, you’re making memories with your new family!


Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI Certified Image Consultant & Indianapolis Fashion Stylist