Accessories that Elevate Your Summer Style!

Accessories that Elevate Your Summer Style!

Although you may already have your summer glow, the first official day of summer isn’t until June 20th. With the changing of the seasons comes the changing of the accessories. Accessories are a key part of any outfit. They can truly make or break your look. However, don’t let that scare you. Accessories are a great way to spice up your outfit, and really let your personality shine through. I spent the past few days perusing the mostly empty malls to see what was on display for the season. Here are these Personal Stylist recommendations of four summer accessory must-haves that will help transition you into the perfect summer style.

Personal Stylist’s 2020 Must-Have Accessories Recommendations

Espadrille Sneakers:

No summer is complete without the perfect pair of sneakers. Summer is the epitome of casual laid back outfits, and you can’t have a laid-back outfit without sneakers. I am particularly loving espadrilles sneakers. Espadrilles are a summer staple. They actually date back all the way to the 13th century. The roping style was used for the lower class. However, in the 1970s they were brought back into style in a wedge form, which quickly became a classic. Nowadays, with more and more people choosing comfortable sneakers over heels, espadrille sneakers feel like the perfect compromise. I found these Superga sneakers at Macy’s and they also happen to be on sale. These sneakers come in a wide array of colors and are the perfect touch to finish up your outfit. Pair them with boyfriend jeans and a striped tank top for a chic French style look!

Hair Accessories:

I promise hair clips are not just for little girls! Every store this Personal Stylist wandered into was showing off super fun hair accessories. They are a convenient way to keep your hair out of your face, while making a bold fashion statement. Whether you like a solid color hair slip that is more for convenience, or a bold colored hair tie either will be a great addition to your look! I personally fell in love with these Madewell clips and may have even bought a couple! If you’re ever feeling like your outfit is looking a little boring, I suggest trying out one of these for a pop of color. I plan on pairing the clip on the right with a white linen button down and some denim shorts for a carefree look.

Clutch Bag:

With more and more restaurants opening up you’re bound to have a night out soon! Dress up your look with a new clutch bag. Clutch bags are a simple way to make a small statement. Other bags can often overpower your look because they are too big or chunky. Not only are clutch bags the perfect size, they easily hold all the necessities; your phone, lip gloss, and wallet. I am absolutely in love with this Lucite clutch from Nordstrom. Not to mention, it’s the perfect piece to celebrate pride month. I think this clutch would look great next to a solid colored midi dress. I would like to see it with a matching bright colored yellow dress. However, if you prefer neutral colors it would most certainly look great next to a little black dress as well.


Perhaps the most practical summer accessory this year, the Ascot. Not only does it look super cool paired with almost anything, but it doubles as a mask. I know the past couple weeks it’s been hard for me to find masks that look good with my outfit, but this little secret totally solves this problem. You can tie it around your neck when you don’t need a mask, and then when you do it is easy to fashion it into a face covering. I loved this outfit on the Urban Outfitters front display. The simple white romper is totally elevated by adding an Ascot to the look. I love to pair the Ascot with a graphic tee shirt and a wide leg pair of paints for the perfect vintage inspired look.

Keep it sassy Indy, Libby, Beth Divine Personal Stylist Intern