Hark! How to Ace the Corporate Christmas Party

From Your Own Personal Corporate Stylist

Ho, ho, ho – it’s that time of year when many corporate dwellers get the holiday party invite and begin to think – what shall I wear – that makes me look smart, promotable, fun – but not too fun and festive.

I, too, have been to many office holiday parties, and as your personal Corporate Stylist and Image Consultant, I will impart some advice for men and women!

Corporate StylistThe best accessory you can have to your corporate holiday party wardrobe is a smile, people. Not a drunken smile – be moderate as you partake in spirits and treats, but a pleasant mile. It’s one of the best accessories you can have, and it doesn’t cost a cent! Now, that’s some of the best Corporate Stylist advice…or just great life advice!

Anyway, if you are like me you read the proliferation of stories out there about how to knock your office holiday party look out of the ballpark. There are complaints that men have it easy, women have it hard, etc. I am not going there. Your personal Corporate Stylist and Image Consultant will never steer you wrong.

Some Simple Stylist Tips

First of all, what you wear really depends on your current dress code at the office now. First, figure out, do you have a dress code at all? I am surprised at the number of corporate offices that do not. They say it’s a huge morale boost for employees.

Corporate Stylist Tips for the Ladies

Corporate StylistIf you work in a casual corporate office, don’t go off the deep end in your holiday look. As a stylist, I would say classy is best. But – take it up a notch or two. I really like to take my holiday party looks and keep them under wraps. Such as girls – wear your typical jeans and top but bring another holiday top, like this one from Vince Camuto, to change into along with some shoes and pretty jewelry. Stylist share: Macy’s always has great selection of jewelry. As a stylist, I say make a statement in the corporate world with jewelry! You can say so much with a beautiful pair of shoes or boots in red, or in hunter green or velvet – it all makes a statement. If you don’t want to bring a top to change into, wear the top under a jacket or duster sweater during the day, and take off the layer before the party. Add jewelry, or shoes, etc. A pretty lip but not too much extra makeup, it is a corporate party after all.

Corporate Stylist Tips for the Gents

Guys, wear a little dressed up jean such as black and add a festive  burgundy shirt and fun tie, or wear a burgundy jacket with a dress shirt. Don’t be afraid to wear a velvet jacket if it’s your style. They have been big this year. I am a big fan of this J. Crew Thompson blazer.Corporate Stylist

Turn it Up Once More…

If your office is not casual, again the same rules apply. Keep your sparkly top or red holiday wear in your tote bag to add later. Or cover it up during the day. You don’t want to appear “corporate holiday party” ready all day. Bring the accessories, etc.

Etiquette/Stylist 101: Even more important than what you wear is what your discuss at the corporate party. Please stay clear of politics – you know it’s especially charged now – gossip about other employees, downer company news – there is a Debbie Downer in every office, don’t let that be you. Also, this is a celebration. Please leave your heavy problems, disappointments, etc. at the door. That is what the corporate employee assistance program is for. Use it. (I have at times – so there is not any shame in needing to talk to someone.)


Keep it sassy, Indy.



Your Corporate Stylist & Certified Image Consultant, Beth Divine AICI CIC