Winter Musings…

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas,

I’ve been out and about this past week and wanted to share with you some of my “finds.” First of all, I checked out Blooms and Linen boutique in Zionsville, just 20 minutes from Indianapolis. It’s a cute little place just off Main Street in that town. Zionsville is so charming. I love eating lunch there and walking around the town. I miss the tea room that used to be there. Oh well. There are plenty of other attractions nearby to keep you busy on a whimsical visit of girl fun. (Actually, my husband loves some of the restaurants there, particularly, Coblestone Grill. I also like Rosie’s, a great brunch or lunch place. It’s very popular in Zionsville, and there is one in Noblesville.

Anyway, on to the boutique– Blooms and Linen is much like many small boutiques now. It has a good amount of Bohemian tops which is fine, and the shop also some different pieces such as stripe pieces, linen leggings that looked different and this dress that is gauze in a dusty browny-burgundy color with a frayed hem. I liked this dress because it’s different without being over the top. I would probably wear it with some turquoise, my fringe purse and cowboy boots or just burgundy ankle boots and tights. I like the how unique the dress is. Blooms and Linen also had some cute faux leather purses which I would consider adding to my wardrobe. Not all of us can afford a full leather purse overtime, and these purses are nice looking — whether you want to save money or do not buy leather goods. If buy online, you receive free shipping and joining their rewards programs gives you advance notice of great sales such as the one I stepped into — 30 percent off: a bargain!

Another new store I visited this past weekend was JCrew Mercantile. (Basically, this store is a larger, improved version of JCrew Factory store from Edinburgh outlet mall.) I am a JCrew credit card holder so I received a $25 perk to shop there, and I also had a $25 rewards card from JCrew. When I stepped in the store, jeans were 30 percent off so I did two purchases and used both reward cards. I was impressed with the store. I liked their variety of casual button-downs, jeans, pants and chinos. I bought the straight leg jeans in navy and grey. They fit like a dream and may be my new “do-to” jeans. I am always on the hunt for good quality, well made jeans that fit well and don’t sag after a couple of wearings. I am really liking black jeans (almost grey) since they go with my winter colors such as mustard, navy, burgundy, purple, green, etc. It’s a great transition color for spring, too. I encourage you to visit and stock on some staple or check out the pretty dresses such as the navy polka dot. These items are great for work clothes, too!

Finally, I stopped into a Mom and Pop candy store, Abbott’s Candies. These local gems are made in Hagerstown, Ind, and I bought my sweetie a box for Valentine’s Day. i can personally attest to their goodness — especially if you are a fan of Maple Creams. LOVE!!!! Support the home team, aka, Abbotts!

Hope your February continues to be fashionable. Next blog — tips on how to clean and organize your closet based on case studies from Beth Divine Style.

Keep it Sassy, Indy
Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist