Gentleman: How to Not Look Old!

For most of us, on the other side of 45, our image becomes a greater focus as we aim to look current, not too young, and not too old. It’s a tricky balance, and what works for one person may not work for another. That’s where a professional Carmel Wardrobe Stylist steps in. I am your guide in moving your style forward and assuring your image communicates your confidence and success.

Advice From Your Carmel Wardrobe Stylist

A big reason a client hires me is they are stuck. They know they need to make a few changes, but they are unsure what needs to change. While specific updates vary from client to client, here is a short list of image tweaks every man “of a certain age” can make.

Carmel Wardrobe Stylist fun socks

  1. Ditch the pleated pants. Pleats in a garment add volume. When you wear pleated pants, your middle appears larger. Most people, men, and women, add a little extra weight through their middle as they age. The last thing anyone needs is to enlarge an area that is already expanding. The better choice is a flat-front pant that creates a sleek line from your belt to your shoes. Pleated pants are generally cuffed at the bottom. A cuff is another garment detail that adds weight and shortens the leg. If you are slender and long-legged, pleated, cuffed pants may look marvelous on you. For the rest, update your look with flat-front pants made with stretch for added comfort.
  2. Stop matching your socks to your pants. As we age, we grow more confident in ourselves and in our style. This is no time to play it safe with khaki socks that perfectly match your khaki pants. Socks are a great way to tell your style story, and they add pizzazz to your look. There are many printed options: stripes, polka dots, and abstract designs to name a few. Although only a bit of the sock may show, you know it’s there, and it is a small detail that everyone notices in a good way.
  3. Update your jeans. Jeans are timeless; however, styles do change over time. If it’s been 5 or more years since you purchased a pair of jeans, it’s time to update them. The best choice is a straight cut, dark blue “plain pocket” pair of jeans with little to no distressing. What I mean by “plain pocket” is a simple design on the pocket that does not call attention to itself. Levis is a perfect example of a pocket that is recognizable in a subtle way. The trickier the jean style, the more likely your image will appear forced. Most of my clients want to look like they didn’t try too hard. A great-fitting pair of jeans in a timeless, classic design is one of the best wardrobe updates you can make.                     
  4. Evaluate your hairstyle. Have you had the same one for years? Do you dye your hair yourself — believe it or not, it is easy to see if you color your own hair. It’s probably time to get another opinion — just as you do with your doctor. Sometimes letting your hair grow out to its natural hair color is much more youthful! I often include a hairstyle discussion with clients in the very first consult.

Need help with your style or looking younger? Reach out to Beth Divine Style.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC

Carmel Wardrobe Stylist and Image Consultant