Sneakers: The New Classic at Work and Play

Sneakers are truly the shoe of the pandemic, and really the current shoe of the day. Many of us used to buy athletic shoes for sports such as tennis, basketball, soccer, or running. As an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I didn’t wear them that much to work or to social events. Although many people with a natural-sporty style always wore them since they loved the casual look and didn’t want to put much thought into that part of their wardrobe.

An Indiana Wardrobe Stylist’s Shoe Advice

Ushering in today when work and casual wear have really almost merged. This was especially so after the pandemic when people all over the world discovered Zoom and other tools to work at home, meet at home, and socialize at home in some cases.

Indiana Wardrobe Stylist

This change affected our attitudes about clothing and our willingness to spend on it! That I am sure of. Our work wardrobes will never be the same. For those of us who love to dress up and believe that wardrobe defines the person, and even sets your attitude and self-esteem, we lament this change. I wouldn’t be an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist if I didn’t believe in the power of a great fitting wardrobe and knowing the colors that make you shine.

Yet, I have to be current, and that means, the days of power suits, ties, wing-tip shoes, and sleek business suits are over. They will probably be in a museum someday, and people will peer at them curiously.

So what is today’s norm for wardrobes at work? That is something this Indiana Wardrobe Stylist often ponders. It involves finding that sweet spot between casual (with is not business casual) and formal which means wearing a suit and tie (this is not a sport coat and coordinating pants).

Many people say this to me – can you find that in-between place where I don’t feel buttoned-up and formal, but not athleisure sweats and T-shirts and sneakers. Or if it is athleisure, it’s more dressed up.

What that looks means varies from person to person. For one client, who is a working attorney but does not go to court, that probably means a sports coat; knit polo or dress T-shirt; chinos or dark jeans; and dress sneakers in brown, grey, or navy or even a Chelsea boot.

For the women I work with, as an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, it’s a somewhat similar path. It is not a matching two-piece skirt suit of old (that was the desired formal business uniform). It could be a nice blazer in a welcoming color; a blouse that is not a T-shirt; cotton pants and sharp shoes. It could be a shirt dress in a nice fabric such as silk or cotton and wedges or pumps. Or a cardigan in silk or cashmere; a pencil skirt and maybe dark jeans.

Sneakers may be worn too – but probably not every day and for every occasion. The sneakers you choose can reflect your style, but make sure of this: If your sneakers are white, they should be clean and not worn. If they are color, they should be a saturated color that looks expensive. Sneakers can make statements as well…you want your message to be a positive one that says you are professional and there to work. If you have questions, reach out to learn more!

Keep it sassy, Indy!

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC,

Personal Image Consultant and Indiana Wardrobe Stylist