More Ways to Look Youthful, Gentleman – Part 2

This blog is a continuation of last week’s blog….An Indiana Image Stylist guide about how to not look old.

5. Get a leather backpack- Business casual is more casual than ever. However, there’s a smart way to transition to a more casual look. Replacing your briefcase or portfolio with a quality leather backpack is the perfect business casual update. It goes well with today’s more casual work styles, appearing professional in a less buttoned-up way. This piece communicates your status like a woman’s handbag does for her. Therefore, choose wisely and buy the best quality you can afford. As an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I suggest that you invest in having it periodically cleaned and conditioned, and it will last you for years.

Indiana Wardrobe Stylist6. Buy new shoes-  Do your kicking-around sneakers look like you just cleaned the garage? Are you still wearing classic penny loafers? Shoes set the tone for your look. Your shoes make or break your outfit. If they are worn out, outdated, or otherwise don’t work, it’s an image killer. One of the quickest ways to modernize your look is to get a new pair of shoes. As with a leather backpack, invest well in your shoes and visit a cobbler for a polish and a cleaning periodically to extend their life. If you do nothing else to update your image, current shoes are paramount.

7. Don’t be afraid to ditch the older suits in your closet. Styles change, and that style certainly pertains to your suit. That is why it’s nearly never a good idea to wear your older brother’s or your father’s suits. More than likely they are out of style. If you are really not sure if your blazers and suits need an upgrade, work with a stylist or Indiana Wardrobe Stylist who can look at your wardrobe and recommend new additions and clean out and donate what is no longer current. (I know a really good one!)

8. Invest in some new underwear- This may not seem like an obvious tip, but it is really an important one. In the last several years it seems men no longer think they need underwear–something old people and their fathers wore. I can tell you that underwear is important because it protects your clothing and helps it last longer.

9. Consider some new glasses- As an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I believe the frames of your glasses say so much about you — that you are current or that you don’t keep up. It is the one accessory that is so simple, yet so forgotten. The next time you update your glasses, get a consult about what frames are the most flattering for your face shape at the eye doctor. In addition, I do a short session on this for men in my initial style consult. It really is a small change that has great pay-offs and can transform your look and style!

A little bit of effort goes a long way. Once you place focus on your image and wardrobe, change is inevitable. I’d be delighted to assist you. If you’d like to update your image but you are unsure where to start, let’s talk. My process is simple and stress-free. Let’s schedule a brief discovery call to discuss how I can help. I look forward to hearing from you!

Keep it sassy, Indy!

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC

Indiana Wardrobe Stylist