Men – How to Wear Floral

Indianapolis Men's Stylist suggests trying hints of floral patterns in ties

Wear floral? For some men, it’s no way. That’s sissy; my wife or girlfriend wears that, why would I? You’d be surprised at how many of my male clients do wear floral, and the key is finding the best version of it for them that fits their style. Most of my Indianapolis Men’s Styling clients are aware of prints such as Tommy Bahamas. That is not what I am talking about; although I like those shirts. I have shopped with many male clients and I try to gauge early on whether they are a good candidate for some type of floral shirt. We often find this out when they take a style quiz. That tells me so much.

Indianapolis Men’s Stylist’s Tips for Wearing Floral Patterns

Florals continue to be a trend for fall, and guys you can integrate them into your wardrobe in minimal or large ways. Here are some tips:

  • Always think scale. If you are a tall, large man, you can wear the larger floral prints. I mean 6’2″ and above. If you are very large in some areas, such as your stomach, make it a print with a dark background.
  • If are medium height, choose a medium-scale print. Below medium height, pick the smaller prints.
  • What color? This depends, of course, on your best colors based on your hair, skin tone, and eye color. A color analysis with me help determine that. People are either very cool, warm, or neutral in their coloring. A good, easy way to know some of your best colors is your hair and eye color. For example, if you are a blue-eyed blonde, colors such as blues, light greens, and navy are a good bet.
  • Most prints will go with dark jeans because dark jeans almost always go with everything, even black.
  • The actual print you choose depends, of course, on what you like. There are graphic florals that are barely recognizable as florals or obvious florals where they do look like florals. You can find all of this out there in retail.
  • To put together an outfit with florals, pick one color that is in the print, I like to choose the least obvious color in the printIndianapolis Men's Stylist Beth Divine encourages men to wear floral shirts and accessories and wear that color in pants, and blazers.

If You Can’t Commit To A Floral Shirt, Try This Instead

  • Florals are available in these items: ties, pocket squares, dress shirts, knit shirts, pants or shorts, and even in blazers.
  • A small investment will be in items such as ties and pocket squares; medium cost in cotton shirts and knit shirts; and a larger investment in a blazer. This depends on you and the level of fashion adventure you have. Have you thought about that?
  • A word of caution about prints and buying these types of clothing: avoid buying very cheap clothing in prints. Why? The print’s colors may not be colorfast and may bleed in the wash or onto other clothing. You don’t want this one piece to ruin other items in your closet.
  • Wash prints in Casual on your washer and cool or warm settings. Avoid drying them in the dryer, except for may 5 minutes to get the wrinkles out.
  • Where are my favorite retailers for prints: Macy’s, Vineyard, and Hawaiian shirts.

Shop Now – Indianapolis Men’s Stylist Floral Choices

If you’re looking for more specific examples of floral prints for men, your Indianapolis Men’s Stylist has you covered. When I first said florals, your mind probably went to something like this short-sleeve button-up from Nordstrom. When I mentioned pairing a jacket or a tie with your floral shirt, where did your mind go? Think smaller patterns when it comes to floral as well. This shirt from Saks would look great with navy pants and a sport coat. This Johnson & Murphy shirt from Dillards would pair great with light-colored pants. Wear it to an upcoming fall wedding or a cocktail mixer.

Not sure you can pull florals off? You’d be surprised with what you look good in. Contact me before your next big event for a styling appointment.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC

Indianapolis Men’s Stylist and Image Consultant