How to Look Smashing in Your Photos!

Indianapolis Image Consultant

At one time or another in our lives, whether it be a family portrait, a headshot for work, or even our wedding, we want to look our best for a photograph. This blog, from your Indianapolis Image Consultant, gives you some ideas.

Tips from Your Indianapolis Image Consultant

In my old job, I used to work with a professional photographer quite a bit, as we planned and executed photo shoots for brochures. One thing I do remember is he always said to tell our subjects not to wear white. It just washes you out. Of course, with a wedding this advice doesn’t work, but just in general, regular people in a photograph don’t look great in all white. So, tip 1 is to avoid white, head to toe!

Black is such a popular now, it’s unbelievable. Even at Easter, people are still wearing black, albeit in prints or with other colors. Since black is really not my best color, this trend is a bit unsettling to me. Anyway…it is what it is.

Probably one main reason black is so popular is the notion it’s slimming. And who doesn’t want to look slimmer. I am not going to argue with that idea, but I suggest if you wear black in a photo, wear a variation of it with print, texture or details. Whatever you do, don’t wear a plain black sweater or T-shirt. Wear a dress, top, etc., with ruffles, sheerness, tulle, other colors, stripe or unusual details such as cold sweater or one-arm tops. It makes it more interesting.

Tip 2 is to strategically place light and dark and details with your clothes. If you are bigger on the top and smaller on the bottom, put a darker color on the top and a lighter color or print on the bottom. Avoid extremely large prints on your bottom. Watch wear your jackets fall. Do not wear a jacket that stops at the largest part of your hips.

Indianapolis Image ConsultantTip 3 is to embrace prints for your photographs. I love a good print, whether is a floral (so in now), a stripe, a block print or geometric. (Or camo for that matter!) Prints, in general, are more slimming than solids because they make the eye move and not settle in one spot. Make sure your print fits the scale of your shape. If you are tiny lady, that avoid very large prints because they will dominate your look. On the other side of the coin, if you are a large, tall lady, don’t wear a tiny print. It will look very out of proportion with your height and shape.

Finally, don’t be afraid to wear makeup for a photograph, but don’t overdo it. Back in my makeup days when I often did someone’s makeup for a photograph, I would pick one feature and play it up…usually eyes or lips, but not both. For instance, if someone wanted gorgeous, red lips, we’d play it up big, but make the rest of the makeup more subtle with a bronze eyeliner and more peach eye shadow. Big, smoky eye is beautiful with a more nude or rosy lip.

And one more thing – smile!! But if it’s a business head shot, don’t smile too much.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine,

Indianapolis Image Consultant CIC AICI and Personal Stylist