Latest Bond Girl Super Cool

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I enjoy James Bond movies, and the latest is really good. I especially like the chemistry between 007 (Daniel Craig) and actress Camille Seydoux. She was styled in really minimalist fashions–whites, blacks and beautiful seafood green with simple makeup. You won’t see any mini’s, racey leopard prints or loads of make on this lady. Her strong features shine in her warm blonde hair, glowing skin and tall gait.

In the movie and in really life, I especially like the way she wears lipstick as her focal point–not a smokey eye, which I find is very hard for everyone to pull off. She makes her lips the focal point, and everything else in the background. It really works for her, and it can for you, too.

One of my favorite lipsticks is the classic Ruby Woo, by Mac. It’s the perfect shade of red that’s not too girly or bright. Try it! Don’t forget to put a clear or colored lip pencil under it.

Oh and the movie: I agree with a critic who said that Daniel Craig is the best James Bond. Long live 007!

Keep it classy, Indy.

Beth Divine, Your Indianapolis Fashion Stylist