How to Avoid Being too Matchy Matchy

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Source: Bridgette Raes, Stylist

Hello Readers…Ever wonder what the whole match-matchy discussion is all about? Today, we explore it.

I first encountered this term–Matchy–when I was buying a black pencil skirt a few years ago from The Loft. I found a perfect black print blouse to wear with it–had a little purple in it, and I was feeling pretty proud of myself. “That’s too catchy-catchy,” the sales associate whispered in a hiss. What…I thought it was a perfect pair?? She edged me over to a grey blouse with a little burgundy in it. See this is more coordinated…it goes…but doesn’t match.

Thus…this encounter and (my styling training) helped me look differently at coordinating clothing and accessories. I don’t like to match items…such as navy dress, red purse, red shoes, red and navy nautical bracelet. I might use a navy dress, red earrings, but wear deep purple pumps or carry a grey purse…I use colors that go together…they don’t necessarily match.

Another favorite way to coordinate clothing and accessories is to use 2-3 colors in an outfit and mix them with different shades of the color. For example: I have a royal and burgundy plaid jacket…I wear a light blue shell underneath it and burgundy or grey shoes. I use a red purse with it. I would also wear purple does with royal and burgundy. They are cool colors, near the blue family, and coordinate.

Also when putting clothing together, also be mindful of saturation: this is the depth of color in the outfit. For instance, don’t put washed out or acid wash jeans with a white T and a black jacket. Instead, use a light hue jacket such as olive, light blue or beige with the white T-shirt. With a black jacket use darker colors such as burgundy, hunter green or navy or a neutral such as grey or cream. All the colors are the same saturation.

Be careful about using the pop of color: red. It is often overdone. You can use other pop colors, too, such has purple, cobalt blue or even teal.

Keep it sassy, Indy.