Juniors, Kid’s Dept Shoppers: It’s Okay!

I recently read a story about Bethany Frankel tweeting a photo of herself wearing her 4-year-old daughter’s Hello, Kitty PJs. They fit her perfectly. The public screamed their criticism of Bethany’s ultra thin shape–that fit into children’s wear.

While I am not going to pass judgment on her, I will readily admit to this: I do shop in the children’s and Junior departments of Target and other stores. I am lucky enough to fit in the larger sizes. What’s the harm? My skirts are not mini’s; children’s clothes are often more modest than Misses’ sizes, and I save money.

I like to shop Target’s girls’ department, especially tops and dresses. One cute summer dress, pictured above, is a Target bargain! I recently bought a new fall dress that wine-colored lace, empire waist with cap sleeves. It looks great with an olive-green and white Chevron-print scarf, and either my dark denim jacket or my olive green army style jacket. I can wear it with beige sandals now and brown boots later.

Believe it or not, I am not alone. More people are shopping in the these departments.
They often say the prices are better and the items fit them better than adult styles.

Even men shop in the boy’s department. Journalist Chris Faraone wrote that he buys Ralph Lauren clothing in boys’ sizes. “Go ahead. Poke fun. But they cost roughly half the price of adult sizes, and are of virtually indistinguishable quality,” he wrote in Esquire. At 34, and standing 5’10” and weighing about 200 pounds, he manages to fit comfortably into boys extra-large shirts, he said.

Men, if you want to learn more, look up the Tumblr blog, Shopping in the Little Boys’ Section. Ladies, when shopping in the youngster’s or junior’s departments, beware of details that are too cute for adults, such as bows, glitter or obvious elastic waistbands. These are often tell-tale signs of shopping in the girls department.
(Source: A. Pawlowski on Google+ and Twitter).

When I asked my husband, who is quite slim but tall, if I could try buying his underwear in the boy’s department, he shot me a look of disdain. “Never. I have bought Jockey for years, and it serves the purpose,” he says. When something works, don’t change it! It seems I am the adventurous one in our marriage!

If you’d like to venture out into the unknown and look at children’s or juniors’ areas, my advice is …. proceed with caution! To maintain healthy family relationships, don’t wear the same clothes your daughter wears!

Happy Shopping!

B.Divine, Makeup Artista and Personal Stylist