Class Reunion: Proceed with Caution!

I just watched a TV show talking about what to wear to your class reunion. It was fun! The number one rule: Don’t dress in the era you remember. For instance, if you went to high school in the 1980s, don’t dress like Madonna! (Yes, it might have been a great look for you when you were 16, but now???)

For women, that means dressing current and of course, flattering to the body you have now. Depending on the event, a fitted dress, showing a little skin and highlighting your best features is a sure fashion hit. I like the green, fitted dress featured above. Grab your Spanx and reach for some cute shoes–you can walk in. Think classic and sophisticated style, not loud prints. Keep makeup simple and highlight either your eyes or your lip. Hair, keep it simple. Don’t be afraid to get an updated style — this is what often dates women.

If the event is more casual, go for some monochrome color combinations such as black or navy. They are slimming and sophisticated, even if they are jean outfits. I remember buying some casual clothing at White House/Black Market and was surprised to find how flattering a straight-leg black jean with a fitted cowl neck (slightly sheer sleeves) and a belt and low heels can be. It didn’t even look like me at all!

Before the big event, look through your yearbook. You probably know already what friends are attending the reunion…but who knows. Maybe you’ll make a new friend! Relax and have fun.