Indiana Wardrobe Stylist View: Why Your Style Personality Matters

When I think of all the services I offer as an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, this how they rate in popularity:

  • Color analysis alone, or coupled with the style/shape appointment.
  • Next, personal shopping
  • Closet cleanse.

In this blog, I am going to discuss your style personality and why it’s important to know it and express it. As an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist when I work with clients I really like to spend time with them and learn as much as I can about them. Everyone I work with takes a Signature Style Quiz and goes over a document I’ve created with examples of what clothing certain style personalities like.

Indiana Wardrobe Stylist in bright colorsMost people have a dominant style personality and then a secondary one. For me, I find my style personality settle somewhere between Creative and Classic. But I am different in that I am not 100 percent creative in how I express my style. So that is where the classic part comes in. I like simple, elegant styles that I can wear over time. But I also like to use really different colors and wear outfits many people would never wear.

I recently saw an Instagram post that said never wear two bright colors together. Oh, I laughed at that one. I love nothing more than putting two or even three bright colors together. For instance, in my living room, the walls are painted a soft yellow. My couches are a citron (yellow-green). I have added turquoise and even a few red accents. As an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I absolutely love it. In clothing, I might hold back a little and just use two bright colors together such as hot pink and orange, orange and red, orange and teal/blue or purple and green.

Some of you may read that and shutter. You’re probably not a Creative Style Personality. For instance, some people only want to wear designer clothing. They shudder even thinking about wearing a $99 pair of jeans. This person, across the board, buys fewer clothes that last years.

A good way to pinpoint someone’s style, right off the bat, is to ask: “Do you want to stand out or fit in? If someone tells me “stand out” I know this person is probably more into colors, trends and being different. If someone says the opposite, it could mean several things: They love neutrals and want to wear them all the time. They want refined, designer pieces they can wear for years. Or maybe have a more quiet personality. They enjoy being in the background and dress to support that thought. Whatever the case, I always affirm that it’s fine! We are all special in our own way and should celebrate that.

I have to say, even with people who love neutrals and black should add a little color to their wardrobe. Even if it is just one piece in one of their best colors! As a Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I think we live in a time when rules are not fast and we can wear whatever we want! That is very liberating. If you’d like some help figuring out your style and updating your wardrobe, reach out! And, if you’ve never taken one of my style quiz, here is the Women’s Quiz and the Men’s Quiz! Just click on the link, and the results will come up at the end.

Keep it sassy, Indy. ‘

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC
Indiana Wardrobe Stylist