How to Wear Pink this Summer!

With the Barbie movie coming out soon, pink is touted by everyone in the fashion world as the “hot” trend, must have color this season. Whether you like it or even wear it, your Indiana stylist will talk about how to wear this trend in today’s blog — for men and women!

I am going to start with men so don’t feel that i always write about them last. The easy for men to wear pink is a woven shirt. We’ve been seeing pink shirts on men for quite a while and. many reasons…

  • The right shade really flatters you.
  • It’s a great accent to your wardrobe
  • It’s an unexpected color men are starting to enjoy.

If your skin is more cool tone, you can wear for a clear, cool pink in a shirt. If your skin is more warm, look for more of a nude pink that has a little warm tones in it. Here is the cool shade:—pink/FOB0724PNK.html?pf=browse#q=pink%2Bshirts&searchtype=text&start=1

More warm shade:—light-coral-pink/JEP0402LCP.html?pf=browse#q=pink%2Bpolo&searchtype=text&start=1

You can also sport a casual summer belt with shades of pink, and on this website you can pick your colors. And it’s Ostrich.

Men's Custom Lizard Stripe Patchwork Belt








Ladies, a simple, summery look for you is a pink dress in a gauze, linen, seersucker, pique or light cotton like voile. I love these fabrics in summer, paired with some woven sandals or woven bag. Maxi, mini’s, and everything in between can make a great pink outfit. I like to buy dresses from Vineyard and Vine, Evereve, Nordstorm, Tommy Bahamas, Dillards and Boden. Here is a great pink maxi from QVC:


A more neutral, warm pink:

If you are a more casual or neutral dresser and pink is a little bright for you, consider adding it to your accessories wardrobe in a purse, bag, hat, jewelry or even sunglasses. I love rose gold with pink because it really brings out the pretty hue of pink.

Also, you’d be surprised how versatile a pink shoe can be. I like to lean more toward a strong pink for a shoe, but for spring and summer a nude pink heel can work with nearly every outfit in your closet.

Last spring I bought a pale lavender pants suit, and I struggled with what shoes to wear with it. I ended up buying some nude pink flats in a pointy toe, and they look great with the look. I wear rose gold jewelry with it and a hot pink bag with it.

Last, but not least, a super easy way to embrace the pink trend this summer without breaking the bank is to try some pink nail polish or lipstick (or both). They really brighten up any outfit, and you can put them away in the fall to use again next year.

One tip: if you wear pink lip gloss or lipstick, don’t even try to match the pink to your outfit. You want to avoid the matchy-matchy look. A nude pink lip will go with probably every look you do!

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC

Personal Image Consultant