How to Dress for an Event from a Carmel Personal Stylist

Have some events coming up? Worried about what to wear? Read on for some advice!  Of course, if you’d like some help from a professional Carmel Personal Stylist, reach out to one of my channels. Just recently I helped clients shop for Zoobiliation, wedding rehearsal dinner, work party in Manhattan, a vacation to Hawaii, and even a vacation to the Swiss Alps!

Event Attire Suggestions from Your Carmel Personal Stylist

Here are some general guidelines for men and women as you put together outfits for events this summer.

If you are invited to an event, and the dress code is not clear, don’t be afraid to ask the host about what to wear. Wouldn’t you rather be more safe than sorry later? Especially if this is a work event, you don’t want to make a mistake such as coming in very formal clothing for a backyard barbecue. Also just the opposite, if it’s a more formal event you don’t want to show up in Nantucket Red shorts and a lobster print shirt.

Carmel Personal Stylist outfit suggestion for event in NYCDress for the weather. The day of the event, check the weather. If suddenly it’s raining all day, even if you driving there and back, you might want to skip the 4″ fabric shoes. Or even suede shoes since water is not always kind to them. Bring a small, foldable umbrella, too.

Ladies at a special event, never use your everyday purse. Have you ever seen a woman at a networking parting with a huge purse slung on her shoulder. Also don’t bring the purse you take to the gym, either. Find a little clutch that goes with the event from metallic to whimsical. As a Carmel Personal Stylist, I also bring as little money, credit cards, etc. as possible in case the purse gets lost, stolen, etc. Avoid the heavy cross-body bags for more special events as well. Here’s a client dressed for a work event in SoHo, NYC.

If your invite says business casual, I know that can be confusing. As a Carmel Personal Stylist, it means don’t wear jeans. It also means don’t wear a suit and tie. For ladies, I think casual pants or a more casual dress is in order. Top with a light blazer or some type of third layer unless your blouse is particularly artistic. Then you won’t want to cover it up.

Weddings, it goes without saying, don’t wear jeans! Not even white jeans. Depending on the venue and the location/weather you will either turn to a more formal look such as a nice  cocktail dress or floral/pastel print or a dark color; but of course you don’t wear white, not even a white or cream blouse. Guys, this is the event when you can wear your suit with or without a tie, depending on the formality of the event. If the invite says black or white tie, just assume that means a tux nearly all the time.

If your event is slightly different and venue unusual such as Indianapolis’s Zoobiliation, add some whimsey to your look such as some animal prints; big hats, black gloves or shoes you’d probably not wear to many other events. I, your Carmel Personal Stylist,  just shopped with a client whose dress was bright pink with roses on it. Instead of pairing it with the expected gold metallic shoe, I picked a Betsy Johnson sandal with fruit on the front, some zebra print and a bright blue metallic heel. We will also use an animal print bag that doesn’t quite match.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC
Carmel Personal Stylist