Wear Pink: How to Guide for Guys and Gals!

This blog is an interesting one since I, like most of the Personal Stylist out there, figured yellow and grey, Pantone’s Colors of the Year, would dominate the fashion scene over other colors this year. But, alas, that is not true.

There are always the streets styles abroad and at home that set trends. I was privileged to take a class from a peer who lives and works in Paris. It was a class about famous fashion designers and their contributions to fashion then and now! Oh the wonders of technology, am I right? Anyway…very early in one of our classes we were discussing the fashion shows of 2020 and even 2021, those that happened, those that did not or appeared virtually. Anyway, …our teacher said “pink” is everywhere on the streets of Paris! Really.

Personal Stylist Beth Divine Is Tickled Pink

Personal Stylist Beth Divine encourages you to try wearing pinkNow as a girly girl I have always loved pink. (Guys, don’t tune out, pink is for you, too, and we will talk about that in a second.) But as I trained more deeply in color analysis and what really rocks with my skin. A light pink or even hot pink are not great colors for me. They can even make me look orange. Weird, huh? I did learn that coral is a great “version” of pink that I can wear. When I put it on it immediately makes my face glow! That is how it is when you learn your best colors. You will have a youthful light to your face. I am not kidding. Or perhaps it’s my Vitamin C serum.

If pink is a good color for you, wear it with abandon: dresses, skirts, tops, etc.; men with pink ties and especially pink dress shirts. I love a beautiful pink dress shirt, and I saw some beautiful ones at Untuckit last night. By the way, if you are 5’9″ and shorter, this is your go-to store. The shirts do not have a long tail, so they provide a perfect balance for you.

Personal Stylist’s Tips for Wearing Pink

In the business world, I discourage women from wearing lots of pink and floral, etc. But you can certainly wear touches of it in your purse, skirt, accessories, pants, and scarves. Even shoes can be pink or hot pink – but make it a casual day at work

What other colors go with pink? More than you would think. For those of us who are the creative style personality as I am, I like to put pink with red, orange, even burgundy. I love camel with pink as well as navy, royal blue, cream, and white. Pink can also go with subtle shades of brown. t’s a perfect color for summer. Also, if bright pink is too much for you, consider a nude pink which is almost neutral.

Here are some great ways to pink up your look. This pink Coach purse is so light you might even consider it a nude or a neutral that could compliment many outfits. Show off different shades of pink in this made-for-the-beach pink dress by Venus.

Personal Stylist Beth Divine encourages guys to try wearing pink

Men, don’t shy away from pink. Some men are surprised at how well they can pull it off. A pink tie with a dark suit might make you stand out in a crowd. This light pink shirt would be great for Father’s Day service or a summer family reunion. I’ve never seen more vibrant men’s fashion than on a golf course. If you want to try something different for your next golf outing, try a pink polo. You’ll definitely stand out from the crowd.

The Psychology of Pink

Did you also know pink is a color that makes people soften their attitude toward you? It really does. One of my clients who has meetings with bad news says she wears pink, and she never gets a negative reaction or anger from others. Give pink a try this spring and summer. Style is all about trying something new! As a Personal Stylist, I am currently looking for some pink shoes – a deeper pink – for spring and summer either in a pump or a leather loafer.

Find Your Best Shade of Pink with A Color Consultation from a Personal Stylist

Do you think pink stinks? Like me, you might just be trying on the wrong shades of pink. Contact me to learn more about a color consultation so we can find out which shade of pink looks best on you. You may be surprised!


Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC

Personal Stylist and Image Consultant