Carmel Wardrobe Stylist Gives Summer Conference Advice

Carmel Wardrobe Stylist summer wearFeels like summer is here. I could not be happier about it! It’s clearly the travel season, and I wanted to write this blog while my most recent trip to the Dominican Republic was fresh on my mind. As a Carmel wardrobe stylist, I have provided a few tips that I recommend for dressing for a summer conference. . .

In general, it’s hotter in the summer in most places you will travel to for a work conference. So keep that first and foremost in your planning. In general, take lighter clothes — in color, in fabric and in details such as all accessories. Think fabrics in linen, cotton, silk, seersucker, pique, light wool; in colors such as navy, grey, cream, khaki, yellow as well as some summer brights in lime, coral, turquoise, etc.

Shoes should be lighter — avoid wearing winter shoes in black, suede, etc., unless they are summer shoes such as slingback, sandals, espadrille, men’s suede or canvas loafers and lighter leathers. Any item you’d wear in the middle of winter, don’t take for this trip.

I still like to take one suit and a jacket or two to work conferences. I like to pick colors that mix and match. A conference is a time to shine; not dress for an island vacation. (Although it’s okay to wear for your downtime!)

If it’s super sunny where you will be, bring a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses– these are a must! If it’s a work event, make sure these accessories are up to date, clean and on trend.

I plan on one work outfit for each day as well as one extra. As a Carmel wardrobe stylist, I would also include a casual outfit such as a dress, an evening outfit, swimwear and a coverup (make sure they are presentable) and some sandals and comfortable walking shoes. (Be careful to bring nice quality swimwear and coverups considering you may be spotted at the pool or on the beach by your boss or other professionals so your image is still key. If you haven’t bought a new swim ensemble, now it a good time.)

You have to keep in mind. . . this is not a family vacation; you are “on display” here, and your image extends to all areas: what you wear on the plane; what you wear at the meetings; what you wear going out (be on the conservative side); and what you wear on the beach, etc. This is not time to bring and wear that skimpy bikini, ladies; men, it’s not the time to wear short swim trunks or the tightest muscle T-shirt you own. For more information about why your style matters check out my blog post!

It would be great if your swimsuit coverup is like a dress you can wear out! That way you have a piece you can wear a couple of ways, and that is great versatility.

The minute you are in your room, I suggest you take out your clothes and hang them in the closet and close the doors. When I was in Punta Cana, I did not put all my clothes in the closet, and by the third day, the clothes in my suitcase were very wet.

Get plenty of rest. Socialize with peers, but avoid hanging out late at night or bragging about a wild evening. Remember — this is not your vacation of a lifetime, but really an informal work meeting. I also suggest you watch the amount of alcohol you drink.

Be sure and take any medications you have every day, and I recommend taking Emergen-C to stave off colds or sickness. This last time when I traveled, I took it every day and stayed well during the 6 days I was gone.

Any Carmel wardrobe stylist would encourage you to be social and participate in group meetings at a conference. If you’re like me, you’d rather stay in your room and watch movies or just rest, but that would be cheating yourself out of a meaningful connection with a new friend or networking opportunity.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC, Personal Image Consultant