Hail Spring Break!




Here is your Indianapolis AICI Image Consultant and Personal Stylist. I know many of you are on vacation now, or you are looking forward to going somewhere warm–or new–in coming weeks. If you are like me, you might throw up your hands and say: What clothes do I take? Well, I am giving you some tips that have helped me as I plan my wardrobe for travel. I was also give you some practical tips for others aspects of your travel.

Fashion Tips from Your Indianapolis Image Consultant

Tip 1: Always keep a small bag of toiletries packed for a weekend getaway or a longer vacation. This means, basically keep your travel sizes of your fav deodorants, shampoo, styling products, makeup, toothbrush and toothpaste, medication, vitamins, face wipes, body wash, moisturizer, contact lens, glasses, pen and paper, phone charger, etc. stocked and packed. I read this tip years ago, and I especially needed it when I found myself traveling to my mom’s house once a month for a visit. It was so easy to throw this bag into my suitcase. I do recommend buying a bag specifically for this that you can hang on a towel rack. Mine is from Target, and I try to replace them when they are worn or start to look dirty.

(For makeup, if I can afford it, I like to take a couple of travel size makeup kits that have eyeshadow, blush and lip color in one package. It saves space. I also like to take a tinted moisturizer instead of so many products, and I always, always pack my sun block in 30 plus SPF.)

Tip 2: Always take exercise or athleisure clothing for relaxation or working out. That includes tennis shoes, too. What I like about this type clothing is that it can double for sleepwear; you can wear the tennis shoes if you need relief from your fancy vacation shoes; and the comfy ath-leisure clothes are great when you just want to hang out and watch TV in your room, etc. There are even some cool dresses out there made from breathable fabrics that can look chic with a cute layer such as a leather coat or denim jacket.

Here are some ideas:

Nordstrom Women’s Athleisure.

Tip 3: Don’t forget a hat: either a sun hat or a baseball hat; sunglasses; and if a cooler place a jacket that can be warn such as a leather jacket; warm hat and even gloves. If it might rain take a packable raincoat.

Some ideas:

Madewell Women’s Slouch Beanie

Banana Republic Raffia Hat

Vineyard Vines Baseball Hat

Michael Kors Leather Jacket

Finally, the fun part! Planning your wardrobe. You’re probably heard this advice before about packing for a vacation: Make sure all your pieces “play” together. That’s, they “go” and you can mix and match. This is good advice but can be challenging.

First to do, think long and hard about what you will be doing on vacation. For instance, a vacation to do the “Big Apple” will require a much different wardrobe that a cruise to Bermuda. A visit to the rustic West with plenty of hiking or other athletic activities will require clothes that breathe, are durable and fun. So think this through. I have made a couple of Polyvore boards for you to explore for these three types of vacations.




Even if your vacation is more laid back, always take at least one outfit for dress up. You never know when you might pop into a Five Star restaurant or take in a surprise concert or other more “dress up” activity.

Keep it sassy, Indy.
Beth Divine
Your Indianapolis Image Consultant and Personal Stylist