Wearing the Obscure Jacket into Spring


Wearing that Obscure Leather Coat in Spring!

Hello fashion followers. This blog is for men and women, and I wanted to talk about that item we all have. The coat we loved when we bought it, and but don’t reach for it in spring. It may be the color; it may be the weight, but I am here to tell you there is a way to wear these items.


For men, I am going to talk about a black leather coat you have. If it’s not a winter coat – that is lined in fur – you can wear it well into May/June.


Women, for you, I am going to discuss wearing a camel leather coat. A client of mine bought a sleek camel coat at the Nordstrom fall sale but admits she has not worn it. I, too, bought a tawny brown suede coat and have not worn it.


My goal is to give you ideas on how to wear these pieces now. Onward…


Men: First of all, to make outfits with your leather coat, I do insist it’s current. If it’s from the 70s, wear it to a costume party. Okay, if we know your coat is up to date, let’s think about what to wear with it.


Here are some ideas, and I will illustrate them with a Polyvore board for you:

Black motto jacket:

  • Shirts that would look great with it are button downs (blue, white faint stripe, black, grey; polos in navy, grey, black; decorative shirts such as Elle Tasso in small prints in navy, black/white, grey, blue; grey, black or cream fitted T-shirts that are higher end (not Fruit of the Loom). All of these toppers should be fitted. Avoid shirt colors that are fall-like such as burgundy, orange, hunter green, etc. These are for fall outfits. (Although I rarely like orange shirts or brown suits on any guy, for that matter.)
  • Pants: For a going out evening, pick nicer, more designer jeans in grey, dark navy, black or even cream/white. Make sure they fit perfectly.
  • Casual days: pick jeans that are distressed, patched or with details. Can be more loose fitting.
  • Shoes: With a more rugged motto jacket that is more Street Style, I would pick a more casual, yet good quality shoe such as a Chelsea leather boot in black, grey or brown; a suede boot or sneakers; fine quality leather sneakers.

Dressy, Bomber jacket:

Men, with this type leather jacket, you need to pick more formal clothing. This type jacket can be substituted for a blazer and you can wear dress pants, dress shirts (maybe a tie) with it. Formal shoes are needed here such as an Oxford or Loafers.


Ladies, now on to you. The camel or brown leather jacket. Treat this item as a neutral in your closet you can dress up or down.

Dress it up: Wear your camel jacket with other neutrals such as navy, olive green, cream, blue, black in pants, dresses, skirts, etc. Also try red, coral, purple and lavender pieces with a camel jacket and with a lighter suede jacket. Some shades of yellow might work as well.

Wear more formal shoes with the dressy outfits and even try a patterned pump.

Casual outfits: Of course, jeans are going to look great with camel in cream, maybe white, navy, blue, grey olive green, black, etc. Choose patterned, embroidered, distressed, etc., but with these make sure you keep your top more plain. Let the jeans take the center stage. Gold jewelry is going to look awesome with camel/brown leather or suede jackets. A simple white T will look smashing with a camel leather jacket and some jeans. Some pinkish jeans in mauve, coral, etc., could work as well, but just remember to keep the saturations similar. Very saturated colors do not look good with ghostly light colors.


Have fun.


Keep it sassy,


Beth Divine,

AICI CIC Image Consultant and Personal Stylist