Basic Shoes All Men Should Own

Shoe basics from you Indianapolis Men's StylistHello Fashion Fans…

I am changing my verbiage a bit since I recently realized — at least half of the time I am working with male clients, in my business. It’s not always about you, Fashionistas, lol!! So the next couple of blogs I write I , your Indianapolis Men’s Stylist, will be focusing on fashion, image and unique issues men have.

Indianapolis Men’s Stylist Suggestions

Really there are so many issues men and women have in common. We all want to look good and feel confident and fabulous in what we wear. We also at times have trouble making decisions about our wardrobe, many even make wrong purchases and end of feeling frustrated. I call this the Amazon syndrome.

Let’s admit: we all use Amazon and other online retail sites to buy clothing and so many other things. I do, too, of course.

I must say, in defense of my Indianapolis Men’s Stylist profession, buying online does not always have a happy ending. How many times have you seen something that looked great online or was a great price? We excitedly pushed the button, made the purchase, and soon the package was on our doorstep. We opened then package and oh no! It wasn’t the color we thought it was, or worse yet, it didn’t fit. I hate it when this happens. Now I have to return it. I hate to do that.

Therefore, shopping “in person” and trying on items will eliminate this problem. It will save you time in the end.

Tricks From Your Indianapolis Men’s Stylist

Anyway, back to male clients–really all clients. We need a wardrobe of shoes. Yes, a wardrobe of them. Before I became a stylist I might have challenged that statement. But I do believe this. We can choose to have a basic wardrobe that will get us though day to day and with the many events we have, or we can have a robust wardrobe of shoes–if that is our “thing” and our “love.”

I hate to say it, but I am fast becoming someone who loves shoes…someone who has shoes in several colors, several types to fit my mood and what I am wearing. Oh well. That is my problem, right?

Okay guys — what basic shoes should all men have in their wardrobe. I will keep it simple (yes, I remember this from journalism school: KISS–I left off the last word “stupid.”)

Indianapolis Men's Stylist ShoesIndianapolis Men’s Stylist Shoe Basics

No 1. – A basic black, plain oxford. (Wear it with suits, dress pants and yes, even a black or dark rinse jean).

No. 2: – A “fancy” brown oxford. This can have some stitching on it and be a little more casual than the black shoes. I suggest this to give your black oxford a rest.

No. 3 – The athletic sneaker whether it’s for running, basketball, tennis or some other sport. Enough said, right, guys?

No. 4 – The casual boot or casual sneaker. Under this category I suggest a Chukka boot  that’s suede or leather in a soft grey, camel or brown. This will be a great shoe for Casual Friday, weekend activities when you wear jeans or chinos, etc.

No 5  – The casual, comfortable shoe such as a loafer or driving loafer. These shoes are the ones you wear in the summer without socks, around the house or even with shorts. They are super comfortable yet stylish.

It goes without saying buy the highest quality shoes you can afford made of leather or pure materials such as cotton so your feet breathe. Reach out to schedule your consultation to find your perfect shoes!