Fall for New Trends!

Fall Trends From Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

Hello fashion conscious people! As your Indianapolis Personal Stylist, I’d like to show you some of my picks of newer items to try as fall marches on. Before we dive in, right here, right now, I’d like to mention, one of the best ways to get the most out of your wardrobe is to have a color cleanse and analysis. They are so helpful. Yes, yours truly offers this, and the service includes a swatch book you can take with you when you shop!

As an Indianapolis Personal Stylist, I often find clients have trouble parting with clothes they’ve had a while, but do not wear. Fortunately for you, as a personal stylist and an objective person, I do not have trouble cleaning out your closet. Indianapolis Personal StylistSometimes it’s shocking how little is left. No need to worry! I never, never clean out everything you have. I have to laugh, however, because I know some clients have hid some items they didn’t want to me to even consider for clean out. You know who you are lol!!!

Anyways, before I meet with clients, I give them some homework.  Please go through your entire closet and make three piles: 1. Clothes that no longer fit; 2. Clothes I don’t like, and 3. Clothes I never wear. Many of these items you can donate or consign on your own. Keep in mind, however, that consignment stores are picky. They don’t want clothes that are more than three years old and not in good shape.

Trend Tips for your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

Trends. We love them; we hate them. As your Indianapolis Personal Stylist, I like to know what they are, even if I know I can’t wear all of them with the color and shape that I have. Here are some general trends you might check out. (Some of these are not really trends, but items that are popular right now and really quite classic.)

  1. Kelly green is everywhere, especially in women’s clothing. I like it in a sweater, dress, blazer and in makeup in more subtle shades. See here.
  2. Men’s blazers and shirts in deep burgundy. This has always been a fall color, but as a personal stylist, I love the way men’s fashion is embracing it with black and grey pieces. Very sharp, guys! See here.
  3. Western: I love Cowboy boots, but if that is too far out for you, try a Western plaid shirt, fringe jacket or boot-cut jeans.
  4. Floral are still popular, ladies. Personal stylist perspective, I like them with a black, navy or burgundy or even rust background.
  5. Sienna, a rust-like shade, continues to be popular. I love it, but I have golden skin.
  6. Cropped flare jeans: Ladies—don’t be scared of these pants. I didn’t think I could wear them since I am on the hippy side, but I have tried them, and they are really cute and fresh. They really show off your booties or shoes, too.Indianapolis Personal Stylist
  7. Guys: Check out some athleisure pieces such as fitted sweatshirts, snazzy sneakers, jogger pants in knit or a lighter, silk-like material.
  8. Also, Tuxedo jackets, guys, a neat way to dress up dark jeans and stand out—when you want to stand out. Some are black velvet, velvet trimmed or fun prints. Let your inner style guy pick!!
  9. Ladies, I am still seeing white or cream booties. They are great and go with so much. Try them out! Like these here from Lucky Brand.
  10. Cloth moto jackets: There are many choices out there for men and women. I love this rust moto jacket from Evereve, ladies, in Rust. Pair it with florals, plaids, solids and some skinny jeans.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, AICI Certified Image Consultant and Indianapolis Personal Stylist