Embrace Burgundy: Tips from Your Indianapolis Men’s Stylist!

Haven’t written a blog just for men in a while, so it’s long overdue. I, your Indianapolis Men’s Stylist, had the pleasure of spending nearly a week off on Michigan Avenue – the Miracle Mile – a couple of weeks ago. I loved taking in the sites – like the architectural tour – as well as shop. There are so many shops within walking distance. I certainly took advantage of it!

I love to look at store windows and manikins, and I like to see generally what’s new for fall. While it’s true that men’s style does not change dramatically from year to year, especially in the classics. I can tell you that the runways always have men’s lines, and designers do shake it up with the new seasons.

Anyway, what I continued to see from store to store what the large number of burgundy items. I like it for many reasons: it’s not a huge standout, and generally, men don’t like to stand out. They like to fit in with other men.

Tips From Your Indianapolis Men’s Stylist

It’s a dark color, and that means it’s subtle and slimming. I like the different tones of burgundy, and we’ll discuss which one you should wear shortly.I was so inspired that I wanted to share that with you.

Burgundy is considered a neutral, which means it mixes and several other colors such as black, navy (and jeans), cream, brown, grey, khaki and even white. I like burgundy shoes called Oxblood because they are so versatile.

Here is a blog about Oxblood shoes:

How To Style Oxblood Shoes

I’ve even seen some elegant sports jackets in burgundy for men. If you really are info being trendy and standing out in a crowd, consider the burgundy suit. I’d pair it with a black shirt. A sport coat would go with so many colors: grey, black, jeans, khaki, brown and white jeans.

Here is a blazer I recommend for you:

Slim-Fit Burgundy Blazer,

Indianapolis Men’s Stylist Favorite Variations of Burgundy

Who can wear burgundy? Nearly everyone. The dark burgundy looks great on brunettes who have cool and warm tones, blondes with pale skin and brown-haired people with pale or darker, warm skin.

I’d encourage those who don’t look good in lighter tones to wear a pale version of burgundy. Wear it with grey, navy, black.

As I mentioned before, I, your Indianapolis Men’s Stylist, really like burgundy shoes because they are so versatile: they look good with so many colors, more so than black sneakers that can be hard to wear. The burgundy loafer – called Oxblood – looks great with warm and cool colors. It’s just a rich option to add to your already basic shoe collection. Don’t buy this shoe if you don’t have the basic black and even brown Oxford or sneaker. But, it can be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Finally, if you’re really hesitant to add burgundy to your wardrobe, what about some burgundy socks or even a burgundy wallet. See what you think of it. Also, a burgundy tie in a plain or printed pattern, can add a subtle pop of color with a white or even grey or black shirt. I love a burgundy tie with a black jacket. It’s very elegant.

Keep it sassy,

Beth Divine

AICI Certified Image Consultant and Indianapolis Men’s Stylist