Tips From Your Image Consultant: What to Wear When You Feel Fat

We’ve all had those days, men and women alike. You ate too much the night before, or you were out late and just feel tired and bloated. The next day you’re just not at your best. You feel at least 5 pounds heavier. You think your waist has expanded at least 5 inches. While I can’t erase the night before, as an Image Consultant I can offer some ideas on how to dress so you’re putting your best foot forward.Image Consultant

Tips for Ladies From Your Image Consultant

Reach for that long cardigan, military jacket, denim jacket or sweater. I was just feeling extra heavy last Saturday. It was time to run at least 10 miles, and that meant plenty of water, a light breakfast and at least three gels. I finished just fine, but afterwards – I felt dehydrated – and ended up eating a bowl of watermelon with just a little bit of salt. In my image, I felt like I was a walking bucket of water. Ugh.

As I reached in my closet for something comfortable to wear during errand running, I realized I had very few jackets that were long in the back—something I just felt like wearing. I was in a covering up mood. As an consultant, I still wanted to look well represented. So, I reached for my new white, straight leg jeans and a butter-soft T shirt from Brooks Brothers. Still, as we went out, I felt something was missing. I am a jacket girl, through and through. I think every outfit can be elevated by some type of jacket, either denim, cotton, suede or leather. But I needed a long one. I found the one pictured at Target.

It is a pumpkin color and looks amazing with white pants, reds, browns, etc.: all my favorite fall colors. I had to order it online, but what an awesome image when you aren’t feeling your best.

Casual dresses are great, too, especially the sweatshirt dress, with dark or white leather sneakers. I also like to wear some black leggings underneath these shorter dresses. It’s a really pulled together image.

Here is a great sweatshirt dress from Madewell.

Here is a more classic sweatshirt dress from Tommy Jeans.

My favorite tip: sneaker wedge booties here.

Tips for Guys From Your Image Consultant

Trust me as your consultant, guys, you have the same dilemma. Those days you are tired, don’t want to try too hard to get up and look like a decent image. Instead of pulling on the same old gym shorts, golf shirt or old sweats, what about some new athleisure pieces? As an Image Consultant, I’ve worked with many men in the area and beyond. With this I have learned with every client to now include an athleisure outfit or two, and some comfortable fashion sneakers.

Case in point, I was recently shopping with a man who needed to update and upgrade his wardrobe and image. He hadn’t really bought many clothes in about 8 years. As his consultant, I included an athleisure outfit that was different from what he already had:

  • black graphic T-shirt
  • black joggers
  • white leather sneakers

Image ConsultantHe can wear this around the weekend casually or even wear it out on a weekend in a more casual image setting.

Here are some of the perfect joggers from Armani Exchange.

Here are some comfy sneakers that don’t hurt your image from Armani Exchange.

Another must, a comfy logo shirt from Armani Exchange.

Image ConsultantAthleisure is popular as well with women with the legging and jegging craze. I like these options for an image, too. Pro consultant tip: make sure your top is flattering and doesn’t cut you in half such as black leggings and a white top that stops at the hips to create the perfect image. This look is only flattering on model types. Try all one color – black leggings/jeggings, navy or black top and even black sneakers or boots. This image will slim and lengthen you as well.

If you need any consultant tips for your own personal wardrobe, contact me when you are ready to spice up your comfy attire!

Happy relaxing!

Beth Divine

AICI Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist