Fall/Winter Colors & How to Wear Them

Fall & Winter colors from your Indianapolis Women's Stylist

Fall is coming! It hit me when I returned from San Francisco that was unseasonably warm when we were out walking in the neighborhood one night, and there was a chill in the air. So unlike other regions whose fall is nearly like summer, there is a definite shift here in the seasons. I, your Indianapolis Women’s Stylist,  love it.

Fall Colors from Your Indianapolis Women’s Stylist

One of the best ways to embrace the season is to wear the fall colors, even if at times it can be warm. You can wear the color, not necessarily the bulky and warm versions in your wardrobe. These colors apply to men and women! As an Indianapolis Women’s Stylist I have noticed that (spoiler alert) the  Pantone color trends from both London and New York fashion weeks is atypical for the fall season.

For years now, designers have been nudging us towards a “no rules” fashion mindset. Leather and suede in spring? Sure! Moody florals in the summer? Why not? Bright colors in the fall? Well, now there’s an idea. At a time of year when we experience less daylight and, in some areas, more rain, wearing bright colors is just the thing to put a pep in our step.

In place of black this fall is a deep navy blue called Blueberry (these are Pantone names). Amen to this shift. As an Indianapolis Women’s Stylist,  I’ve rarely worked with a client who said they need more black in their closet. Per usual for fall, there is a medium gray tone, this one is called Quiet Shade, and a dark brown otherwise known as Chicory Coffee. These two neutrals pair well with the brighter colors in the fall palette such as Spicy Mustard, Dragon Fire, Watersprout.

Also present in this season’s palette are the earthy greens we’ve grown used to seeing in the stores. We have Cardamom Seed, Loden Frost, and Martini Olive and Abundant Green, which is a vibrant equivalent to emerald. Any of these greens would pair nicely with the warm medium-toned brown called Caramel Café. Another winner with any of the greens is a light, warm neutral called Autumn Blonde.

It’s exciting to see a bright pink in the palette. This one is called Rose Violet. I, your Indianapolis Women’s Stylist,  love to ground a bright color with a soft neutral to allow the bright color to take the lead. Rose Violet would pair quite nicely with Cardamom Seed, as well as the gray, soft white and dark blue.

Indianapolis Women’s Stylist Services

I do custom color analysis for clients, which pinpoints your best colors to wear. Color trends aside, it is important to know which of these colors you wear well. Wearing your best colors helps you appear healthy, vibrant, and youthful. Your color book saves you time in the stores, and it assists you in removing unattractive colors from your wardrobe. Message me to learn more or to schedule your color analysis. I am finding that color analysis is one of my best and most popular services. I also offer an online version if you are not in the area.

Have fun playing with color this fall and winter season. Aspire to inspire others with your energizing ensembles. See you out there!

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC

Indianapolis Women’s Stylist