Be Your Best in 2019!

Happy New Year! It’s a new year and make it a new you. That sounds really cheesy, doesn’t it? But because I am a certified Image Consultant who advises women and men on all things in your personal brand, you would expect me to say this.

New Beginnings

Thinking about new beginnings…I have to think back to one of my most influential bosses back in my first professional consultant job as a public relations assistant. Remember the Devil Wears Prada? Meryl Streep’s powerful, yet abrasive image? Yeah… it was kind of like that. This woman was very good at her job –an amazing writer and leader—and of course she influenced me in a positive way. I will never forget the day she looked me in the eye and said: “You have a gift. Don’t squander it.”

Image ConsultantShe was talking about my writing—something that has always been a natural and easy thing for me to do. I haven’t always just been a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant That’s probably why I enjoy writing this weekly blog! It combines two of my favorite things, personal image and writing!

This same boss also told me: “There aren’t many fat people who work in public relations.” This was long before “fat shaming,” and several other body image movements. I conducted hospital tours and she was probably thinking I wasn’t a good ambassador if I had chunky and slovenly image—which I probably only did a little bit. In my defense, I had moved to a small town hundreds of miles away from my family and friends, and I was ever so slightly depressed. It was winter, and I took comfort in watching TV and eating bags of M&Ms.

Learn How to Live Your Best Life

Later, I eventually embraced the company gym—that was free, and I worked out and basically enjoyed life more. I was certainly less depressed. I also found a wonderful church where I made many great friends, who accepted my image. It was an amazing time of growth for me in many ways. I use this experience to encourage the growth of my clients as a consultant.

Image ConsultantWhat’s the point? You are responsible for your personal brand and image, and statistics show that more attractive people are promoted more often. There it is. As a consultant, I only want the best for you. So I will always be honest.

Consider this article by The Guardian…”Overweight employees are less likely to be hired, often lower paid, have fewer opportunities and can even be bullied in the workplace.” (Okay that is just vile, on its face.)

I am not saying your image has to be extremely slim and wear a size 00, but I am saying that I know as an Image Consultant, you should be the most healthy, attractive version of yourself that you can be. That is what I will always encourage my clients to be!

What is an Image Consultant?

You might wonder: what does an Image Consultant do with clients to achieve that goal? It’s not hard to answer that: I give advice that I think the client needs. This could be the traditional personal stylist route with discovering your style, finding the best shapes and colors that flatter you. Cleaning out your closet and helping you stock basics and pieces that make easy outfits.

Image ConsultantI also go beyond this—since I am a trained makeup artist—and discuss best hair styles and makeup and skin care strategies.

The Image Consultant training I have allows me to go much further and into more depth of your personal brand. This might include communication skills, etiquette skills, skill development; social presence on professional and personal sites. Or more!

All of these levels make you—you—are your personal image.

Need some help on developing your brand in 2019? I can help you! Contact me at for some New Year’s specials!

Beth Divine,



AICI Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist