Easy Updates for Men from Your Indianapolis Men’s Stylist

Indianapolis Men's StylistHello fashion plates! As you trudge through winter, you may feel uninspired by what is in your closet. You are not alone. Many of my clients have hired me as their image consultant during this time to come to their rescue with a closet clean up. What actually happens is very interesting.

Men most often like to put off this task.  As a consultant, I can’t say I blame you. It’s daunting. And, as your Indianapolis Men’s Stylist, I understand that, but I also can help. I am also human and I have to push myself sometimes to look into my closet. I have to reach—sometimes very far—to find inspiration.

Step By Step

The first step though makes a huge difference. I just did a blog about Marie Kwondo’s tidying tips…and one of those is to “Start Small!” This is a really key tip because just saying it makes the very first steps toward closet organization so much easier.

For men, I am going to ask you to do three things:

First, clean out and donate any items you no longer wear or that are beyond your reach of ever fitting into it. Second, I want you to make a pile of your favorite items you wear over and over again. Third, I want you to make a pile of clothes you like but that doesn’t fit (most likely it’s too large). It it’s relatively new and still in style consider altering it. For example, if the pants need hemming. This is an easy alteration. Redoing the structure of an out-of-date suit jacket, however, is probably not worth your time.

Need Help Cleaning Your Closet?

If you need help sorting through your closet and deciding what basics you need, consider my services. After a color and shape analysis (find shapes that flatter your unique build), we will go through your closet, and I will clean it out based on your best colors and the level of trendiness you’ve told me you want. Then, we’d make a list.

The next step is shopping together. I shop first; I pick out the clothes, and you join me. We go from there. Having a stylist and image consultant at your side is very valuable. With my expertise, we can surely find something that you will love and will really step up your wardrobe. Here is a link to some of my reviews if you’d like more information.

Next Steps

Indianapolis Men's StylistLooking at your absolute favorite items that you wear over and over, either take a picture of each one or make a list. This is the shopping list you start with. Also add on these things: do you have a dressier coat. Either a pea coat or an overcoat. This is not a coat with an athletic logo such as Nike. This is a coat you wear to make an impression. Also how is your shoe wardrobe: are your shoes all athletic wear. Are they scuffed up and old? Might want to add some shoes to your list.

Finally, I recommend you do not buy the items from your list online. You must go into a store and try them on. After that when you firmly know your sizes and preferences, buy some of them online. But consider this: clothes bought online are always a little larger than those stocked in the store. Why? People return them less.

Here’s a wardrobe list to get you started.

Keep it Sassy, Men!




Beth Divine

AICI Certified Image Consultant & Indianapolis Men’s Stylist