New Year, New Focus, New Pricing

Your Personal Stylist is Expanding Her Services

Hello Fashionistas. I appreciate your following me and reading my blog. Sometimes I am surprised at how many of you read my blog and take my suggestions to heart. That is a huge responsibility—and I hope you know I hope I am helping you look at your style and make changes when you need to do it. That is the interesting part, right?

Anyway, after being a personal stylist and now image consultant for a while, I have learned I need to change some of my offerings. While at the core of my business is personal styling –which means we will get to know each other, and I will make all sorts of recommendations to you. What I have found is that sometimes the whole plethora of what I offer –and it is vast, often top to toe suggestions and education, not every client wants that much attention or work. Sometimes, it’s just a new outfit for an event, a makeup and hair update or a new interview ensemble for the career professional. That is why I am adding some services that allow clients to pick exactly what they want. And, I stick to that plan. For instance, if you just want a closet cleanse, that is all we will do. If you just want personal shopping and skip the closet cleanse, we will do that. I have found very often that after I meet with someone, they want more services—what happens is they see the value of it in their lives. Then they want to keep going. So without further ado…please check out all of the services I have to offer you!

If the service involves any personal shopping at all, I will still measure you and evaluate your build and best colors—since this the information I need to effectively shop for you.

With every personal shopping trip—unless altered by client request—I will pre-shop, pull clothes and then meet you at the stores (up to three stores), and stay with you while we try them on. I will take photos and send them back to you. If you decide you need more help after personal shopping, such as integrating the clothes back into your wardrobe), that will be a separate service that I will offer a bid/price to you.

Much of a business is evaluating clients, helping them decide what they need, and then giving that service.

I will continue to offer gift certificates and payment plans—but I do not alter service prices to client requests. That wouldn’t be fair to those clients who pay the original prices? If you want to pay for your services in a couple of payments, I can do that and discuss it with you.

I have also found that after a closet cleanse and personal styling appointment, many clients need more work in learning how to put together looks. So, I am adding services for that in e-books, handouts and photos to refer to.

It’s hard to learn how to dress differently—especially when most of us dress the way we do after several years. But – I am here to tell you it can be done, over time.

Hope to work with you soon!