Angelica B.

When in doubt I think about her recommendations and look better!

Angelica B.

Kim M.

You make a difference in people’s lives!!!

Kim M.

Stephanie Strakbein – Analyst, Eli Lilly

"I am really enjoying the clothes and glad Beth introduced me to some styles and colors I wouldn't have ordinarily tried. It also encouraged me to sweep through my closet and par down a little bit more."

Jaclyn Spillane

"Beth is great to work with. She cleaned 10+ years of clothes out of my closet in under 4 hours. She classified items as donate replace, or consign as she went. She followed up with recommendations online which I purchased at my leisure. Then we met at Keystone to replace more. She also helped me better understand my coloring. I would highly recommend it Beth's services!"

Amanda T

Beth is the best at this! Since working with her I get more compliments about outfits than I ever have before period but dressing your shape has been the best because so many people ask you how much weight you've lost when you've done nothing! Lol you just dress your body shape better!

Amanda T

Craig P. Anderson – Interim Head of School-The International School of Indiana

"I was able to meet with Beth quickly and our meeting was very thorough. We worked through my goals, style, colors and shape. Our subsequent shopping trip was very successful."

Julianna Merlo – Pediatric ICU Registered Nurse

"I really enjoyed working with Beth. She was incredibly helpful with putting together age appropriate outfits and finding the right silhouette to match my body. I feel as if I have a much better direction when I shop for clothes!  I would and have recommended her services to my friend and family. She does an amazing job!"

Meghan Ashland

"Beth was very helpful! She gave me great tips on colors that I should be wearing and styles that are complementary to my body shape! Overall a wonderful experience!"

Leroy Brown – CEO | Steel Leaf Technologies, LLC

"Beth performed an outstanding job of helping me select quality outfits that look great on me. She also taught me how to think about future purchases."

Dr. Brenda Vasquez

"You must get a closet cleanse. This is a key step! I wish I had met Beth in my 20s so that I could have learned what works for me. Now that I am in my 30s, I am happy to finally learn what I should have known about myself years ago. This is an experience every girl or guy should have!"