Elizabeth Madigan – CEO | Sigma Theta Tau

"Beth was terrific at helping me improve my style--she was thoughtful in her recommendations and helped me learn how to shop to be able to maintain what she taught me. Highly recommended!"

Susan St Angelo

Beth's services were exactly what I needed. Between the color analysis, style questionnaires, and the shopping experience, Beth was professional, helpful, and kind. She respected what I liked, what looked good and what didn't. I really appreciate her expertise as I enter a new chapter in my life! I look forward to working with her again.

Carol Andersen

"Beth taught me about color and shapes that look good on me. We cleaned out my closet, then shopped together. She did an excellent job."

Craig P. Anderson – Interim Head of School-The International School of Indiana

"I was able to meet with Beth quickly and our meeting was very thorough. We worked through my goals, style, colors and shape. Our subsequent shopping trip was very successful."

Jovita Nack

Working with Beth was a great experience! She helped me find many stylish outfits that look good on my body type. She is very personable and easy to talk to. Thanks Beth!

Angelica B.

When in doubt I think about her recommendations and look better!

Angelica B.

Jaclyn Spillane

"Beth is great to work with. She cleaned 10+ years of clothes out of my closet in under 4 hours. She classified items as donate replace, or consign as she went. She followed up with recommendations online which I purchased at my leisure. Then we met at Keystone to replace more. She also helped me better understand my coloring. I would highly recommend it Beth's services!"

Todd Bracken

"Simply wow! In addition to helping me completely rid my closest of all the cloths that didn’t look good on me, her selection of new cloths for my upgraded style absolutely ROCKS! This is the first time in my life I’ve ever experienced women acquaintances and even women I don’t know spontaneously commenting on how sharp I look! Beth took a personal interest in my style goals and objectives. My only regret is that I didn’t secure Beth’s help earlier in my career."

Deborah Williams

My experience with Beth was great!  I will definitely call her again.  She is a true professional!

Deborah Williams

Stephanie Strakbein – Analyst, Eli Lilly

"I am really enjoying the clothes and glad Beth introduced me to some styles and colors I wouldn't have ordinarily tried. It also encouraged me to sweep through my closet and par down a little bit more."