Three Cheers for the Wellie!

Rain Boot Guidance from your Indianapolis Personal Stylist.

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas,

As I sit here and it’s pouring rain outside, a thought occurred to me. I need some spring rain boots. I recently bought a pair from a boutique and was not happy with the fit. For some reason these adorable fashion statements are hard for me to fit. I adore the florals, of course, since my style is romantic, as I do the bight red and more neutral grey rain booties. There are so many choices now.

Choices, choices: my frugal self acted. I bought a pair from, using a 20 percent off coupon from Oprah’s mag. (Enter OPRAH at the promotion checkout and get 20 percent off. Since these boots were $89, that really helps.) I did buy the ones Oprah featured in her mag, but I nearly bought the solid color red booties instead. Who knows, maybe I will add them to my fall wardrobe.

Wellies have gained a cult following, following the Hunter style. I notice ladies wear these all the time, even when it’s not raining. You might ask yourself, how do I style the rain boot? What if I wear them when it’s not raining?

I was skimming Pinterest and Google to find some cute photos of how everyone wears these popular things. I found when the boots were print, say floral, the wearer found just some or one of the colors in the outfit she wore. For instance with a pink print boot, the outfit might have some shade of pink in it and then colors that go with pink such as navy, blue, white or black. You don’t have to exactly match.

If the boots were black or navy, again, you coordinate your outfit with it. Black boots look great with grey, burgundy, black, navy or cream jeans. Black is a neutral so it’s going to coordinate with many of your outfits. Other great neutral colors in a Wellie is olive, dusty blue, teal and even cream (although cream is going to show the dirt).

If you want to dress up your Wellies, and make them part of your total outfit, consider a denim dress. I have a great denim shirtdress, and whenever I wear it I like to wear an unusual boot, such as my cowboy boots and now my Wellies. I will be coordinating my boots with my blue denim dress since they are a blue print. Yes, it may be matchy-matchy, but in my book, it works.

Red is another great color to amp up your outfits. It was add a great pop of color to your neutrals such as black, grey, navy, white (nautical look), olive, etc. I would love to have the bootie Wellie in the red since I think it makes a statement, but it’s not overdone.

Also, mixing prints work with Wellies. For instance, pick a print such as navy/pink floral, navy stripe or polka dot and pair it with a print coat or umbrella with colors of the same family. It can be a great way to mix it up. You can also wear a bright hue with other neutrals such as yellow, coral, bright green, etc. It is fun so play with it!

If you’re going to carry an umbrella or rain coat, again, you don’t have to match, but it should go. For instance, with my blue print boots, I will wear my grey-blue rain coat or my khaki Coach raincoat. (Let me give a plug here to Coach. I was contemplating buying Burberry since I had never had one, and they are considered the best. But, I wasn’t that happy with the fit–so I bought a Coach, pictured here. It is amazing. The fit is fantastic, and it’s a quality coat I will wear for years.

Pics: 1-Hunter boot; 2-Hunter boot; 3-Bogwear boot. For more booties, go to my pinterest:…..

Happy showers! Keep is sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist