When Boho is No-No!

Bohemian is a trend that continues with us, with some additions and twists.I love it since I am a big color and fun, sheer fabric fan. But, please proceed with caution, everyone. For some people, the traditional billowy Bohemian styles do not work. They can make you look bigger than you are. No one wants that, correct? They can also make you look pregnant when you not.

But, you can wear these styles…by following some tips and learning some facts!

Facts About Bohemian Style

Where does Bohemian stem from…actually, of course, like many trends it’s from another era. According to Bellatory.com, Bohemians were a counterculture that appeared in France after the French Revolution. When wealthy people there stopped supporting the arts, artists were plunged into poverty. They took up a nomadic life style, lived cheaply, and wore worn out and unfashionable or used clothing. Eventually the artist reemerged as an eccentric genius whose creativity was displayed in the colorful way they lived and looked. People at that time referred to the artist types to Bohemians, Gypsies who lived in areas Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Fast forward to today where Bohemian is a trend that has always been with us, but it’s much more mainstream than before.

Bohemian Advice from Your Image Consultant

I am not saying to avoid this style, but I caution readers to realize not every style will flatter you. Here are some tips…It’s been said when dressing to flaunt one part of your figure at a time, not all. The reverse principal applies. Covering up the top and then wearing a maxi or longer ruffled skirt is not flattering and it’s very much like a “pioneer look.” It’s better to have a cold shoulder, a deeper neckline and then wear a maxi or longer skirt. Or wear a more conservative neckline/shoulder and wear the shorter skirt—to the knee and above. Here is a good look: Stripped Maxi Dress.

What exactly is this style: It is full, ruffled blouses; wide, patterned pants; dresses with shirring, full sleeves; and bright, colorful prints; fabrics that can be sheer.

Here are some other tips on wearing Bohemian:

  • Keep in mind the size of the print. If you are bigger gal, you can wear the bigger print. If you are average size, you wear the medium print.
  • Smaller gals who are petite wear smaller prints, or if you are a bit bigger boned you can wear a slightly larger Bohemian print.
  • Of course, if your shoulders are not firm and attractive, scale back the size of the Cold Shoulder blouse. Use a smaller version. If your shoulders are an asset, show them off. I also like the one-sleeved version of the Bohemian blouse that’s big now.
  • Those with thicker waists should avoid the full, pleated styles of Bohemian tops. It will make you look bigger.
  • Watch the amount if ruffles and details as well. Larger, fuller ladies should have minimal details.
  • Smaller women should and can embrace many details. But: make sure the print/details are not too big.
  • Balance a loud, bright Bohemian piece with a quieter pair of jeans, skirt or pants or one that is more tailored. It’s fine to pair a Bohemian blouse with a pencil skirt and of course, skinny jeans.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine Style
Personal Stylist and Certified Image Consultant, AICI