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Vacation Time: Making Your Wardrobe Work!

A lot of my Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist clients often ask me: How do I pack for a trip? I always have to think about that question because I think dressing for a trip is really like dressing for every day. You need to have a good mix of basics, accessories, and a little spice to make sure you look great in all your vacation photos no matter what outfit you've chosen for the day. This applies to men as well as women. I always like to see guys dress in a fun print, an unusual color of pants. Adding fun colors will give you a touch of edge for a romantic dinner. Patterns can also be fun for beachwear. The best thing about going on vacation is that oftentimes, locals won't see you on a regular basis. Play around with your style and if it doesn't work, then don't wear it at home. Of course, our shapes and silhouettes come into play as well. If a garment is beautiful but does not flatter your shape, then it's not a good choice. Here are my Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist Tips For Dressing on Vacation: 1 - Dress For Your Scheduled Fun Truly think about your trip and what you will be doing each day. Dress for the activities! If you're going to be hiking all day, but your hotel has a pool, be sure to bring a swimsuit if you want to relax in the hot tub. Start monitoring the weather for where you're going. Don't forget to pack a rain parka or umbrella if it will be rainy. Make a list of activities you'll be doing throughout the whole trip. Will you need a different outfit for every [...]

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Looking Your Best on Your Big Day: Makeup Tips

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. Here are some tips for brides of all ages... Don't overdo black or dark eyeliner unless your eyes are huge. Black liner makes your eyes look small. Don't be afraid to put on a little extra blush. Brides wear white or cream, usually, and that washes you out. If you are getting married outside, adjust the amount of moisture you put on your face. You may not need any moisturizer. Consider using airbrush makeup which stays put all day. Nude Lips: Can make your lips disappear. A little color is always better, especially when you wear write or cream as a bride. You don't have to be tan as a bride; pale can be beautiful with highlighting powder! Airbrush or traditional makeup: Your makeup artist should know which is better for you. Avoid loud, trendy colors in your wedding makeup or something totally new. (Think of what you are spending on your photos!) Get plenty of sleep the night before your wedding! You will need less makeup to cover under eye circles! Consider trying out a makeup artist for your engagement photos. It will be a good test for the big day and how you will look in photos. Find a makeup artist who makes you feel comfortable in your makeup. That is why a trial appointment is necessary: to discuss your look as a bride. Beth Divine, Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

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Think “Classic” and “Pretty” for Your Wedding…

Wedding season will be here soon! If you work in the wedding business, you are probably already booking appointments, looking at current trends and helping friends shop for dresses. I am booking appointments for spring, summer and even fall, and thrilled to do it. I like to tell brides, when you pick makeup colors, wedding colors, etc., think "timeless." You don't want to look back on your wedding photos--you know the ones you've spend thousands of dollars on--and think, oh that was the "teal" era. That's when cat eye black liner was king. Or, that's when shiny, curtain-like fabrics were all the rage. I know I'd like to look classic like Grace Kelly, the princess and movie star, than be associated with a certain era. I was married 13 years ago. I didn't know very much about makeup then, but I used soft, classic colors. rosy pink lipstick, pinkish blush, dark mascara, a little eyeliner. I picked bridesmaid dresses that fit my young nieces. They just happened to be light blue and light pink. They looked so sweet in their up do's and long, cap-sleeved dresses. I can honestly say when I look at my photos, they don't look dated or trendy. They are classic, show my beautiful family members and that's why I love them. Another often hard decision is what the mothers of the bride and groom wear. Mothers don't want to steal the spotlight from their children; yet they don't want to look matronly either. I always encourage these ladies to err on the side of classic. Stay away from shiny materials, glittery additions, loud florals, etc. Think about excellent cut and fit of your outfit, colors that flatter you, and something [...]

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