On the Record with Kit Indy

Why is it Important to have a Certified Image Consultant?

A couple of weeks ago, I had an interview with a writer from Kit magazine, based in Indianapolis. I used to do some writing and some editorial styling for the publication, so I know the direction they usually go with interviews. I have to say I was very pleased with the end result. When you’re interviewed, you never know what information the reporter will use or how you came across with your comments, explanations, etc.

My Certified Image Consultant Interview

Anyway, of course, the writer did not use all the content I gave her, so I thought you might enjoy learning about the questions/answers that didn’t appear in print. Here we go:

When did you know you want to be a stylist? Well…it’s not an easy answer, but at an early age I loved color, art and putting outfits and colors together. I always looked forward to Easter (yes, the Lord’s resurrection, etc.,) because I could buy a new outfit. I remember picking out dresses from the catalog, and one year I picked a sunny yellow print in a voile fabric with a pretty white collar. I loved that dress, and it was in our family photo that year. Another year, I picked out a baby blue empire waist dress. I loved that color. I also like to sew, and I do remember crushing on a bright purple, yellow and white floral print dress I sewed.

I also worked as a writer/editor for many years and did love it, but eventually needed a new direction. I told Brooke, the writer of the story, that the favorite part of my day was when I drove to Circle Centre Mall downtown Indy to eat lunch and shop the stores.

Brooke asked me what was in my purse! This was a fun question, and it was easy to answer: A can of sparkling water; Juicy Fruit gum; sometime a Jenny Craig lunch; a couple of lip balms; a bright pink lipstick, usually YSL; pen and paper for styling jobs; my iPhone; translucent powder; Kleenex; sometimes a Color Wheel for clothes shopping; and a banana. The food might be surprising, but often I need to work through lunch, so it’s important to stay fueled. Shopping is hard work. Here’s an adorable Kate Spade bag — how I love them! Kate Spade Washington Square Sam Purse

What trend am I glad to see: this is easy…ruffles. I love them and think they can be flattering on most people if you watch where you put them. Don’t put ruffles on areas you want to minimize or look smaller. Another trend that’s been with us a while is stripes. They seem to be back even more bold than before. I do like them: I caution, again, to watch where you put them. On the other hand, stripes can even be slenderizing. It’s a puzzle, I agree.

I think Brooke also asked about an item I loved that I had bought recently. I talked about a baby pink color dress that I loved, but I also found a floral jumpsuit I liked. It was very slimming, too, and of course, who doesn’t love that.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine,

Personal Stylist and AICI Certified Image Consultant