Misc Winter Musings

Hello Fashionistas,
If you are like me, by this time of year your wardrobe might start to feel a little stale. You might be tired of the dark colors or sometimes as temps get warmer, you’re too hot. What to do??

Style Ideas From Your Image Consultant

Image ConsultantNever forget the power of a pop color. I love to put color with every outfit, whether it’s a colorful purse with a neutral outfit, or putting three unusual colors together such as orange, purple and burgundy or just a full out colorful outfit.

Make sure you use some coordinating–not matching–to continue your wardrobe look. For instance, when I wear red or coral, I don’t match my outfit with my lip color. I might wear a subtle rose, or a burgundy stain and some brown or black eyeliner. Always make sure your eyes and lips are not competing. Play up one of them but never both. That’s too much.

Back to color and your wardrobe. I also like to add some pops in my jewelry. I am totally loving Kendra Scott’s drop gem stone earrings: I have them in turquoise and a pale lavender. So pretty and elegant — and easy. They add some pizzazz to any outfit, from denim to more dressed up dresses and black outfits.

In my recent Image Consultant class, we really went into depth about colors, and what colors can go together. There are some really unusual combinations you might never have thought of. In the next two blogs, I am going to talk about and show you some colors combos to try.

Image Consultant Use of Colors

If you really want to be adventurous with color, buy a color wheel and learn some of the interesting combinations that do work such as:

Source: Tigercolors.com

  • Complimentary: Colors that are opposite on the color wheel such as purple and yellow.
  • Analogous: Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel such as orange, red and magenta or turquoise, green and citron (yellow-green).
  • Triadic: Colors evenly spaced on the color wheel in a triangle such as purple, orange and green. (This is what I did with my photo in this blog.)
  • Split Complimentary: One color and going straight across the color wheel, the two colors that lie beside the direct complimentary color such as purple, green and lighter orange.

Have some fun and experiment with these colors. My Polyvore board has some ideas for you – this one’s a Triadic color scheme of purple, orange and green. (Polyvore.com).

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine,

Personal Stylist and Image Consultant