Accessories and How they Pump Up an Outfit

Many of us don’t put that much thought into our accessories. If you’re on the fence about pairing a necklace with an otherwise plain, crewneck sweater. As your go-to Carmel Personal Stylist, I’m telling you to go for it. Necklaces and accessories boost your outfit up a notch. Believe it or not, there is a whole range and education that takes place among image consultants with accessorizing. Of course, I am not going to share it all here, otherwise, I would be giving away all my secrets.

Carmel Personal Stylist Tips For Accessorizing

I will divulge it is important to know what your scales are and then you can pick accessories with panache. Look in the photo here: What do you see? You might say, I see two necklaces; one appears to be a little bigger and has solid matte and clear objects. The other piece of jewelry has clear objects, that seem lighter somewhat. That is the keyword: lighter.

Objects that are clear and/or shiny reflect lighter. Matte, solid objects do not reflect light, they absorb it. Looking at these two necklaces: the clear necklace is lighter and are best suited to be worn by women who are petite.

Consider Your Body Shape And Colors

The necklace on the left, however, would weigh down a smaller woman. Why? The larger, dark-colored solid matte beads. While it does have some clear beads, which lighten the necklace some, it is mostly a heavy necklace. As I wrote this blog I am thinking of a necklace I have that is heavy with solid, textured beads. Needless to say,  it’s too heavy for me since this Carmel Personal Stylist Is small-boned, and 5’4″. Now I am not thin, but medium weight. So I can sometimes wear larger pieces of jewelry of medium scale, but they need to be light. I can get away with wearing heavier earrings more than I can wear an extremely heavy necklace. Remember to think about your other accessories too when creating an outfit.

The type of woman who could wear this black and clear necklace probably has larger bones. She also might be considered tall.  She could rock this necklace because it would make a statement and blend in with her larger features. The best way for a smaller woman to wear the bigger pieces is for it to be a lighter color such as white and have some clearness to it.

Coordinate Your Earings With Your Necklace

The other extreme is when a larger woman wears extremely small earrings, they get lost on her and only make her look larger, believe it or not.

Other Carmel Personal Stylist teach clients to look at the natural lines in their hair and face to match in their accessories. It is an interesting view to teach. I do think of it when I buy glasses or sunglasses. I have a triangular face and really look best in cat-eye frames. You can also mimic lines you see in your faces such as eye and nose shape and even hair texture.

I have shoulder length wavy hair with some different colors in it. It is definitely not smooth. I tend to pick fun prints that are swirly and unstructured, much like my hair. Doing that creates harmony in my look. You can also look at the outfits you are wearing and pick up and mimic print and shapes in your jewelry.

Have More Accessorizing Questions For Your Carmel Personal Stylist?

As I said, I have a whole bag of tips and tricks when it comes to accessorizing. When it comes to planning a knock-out outfit for a vacation, or an intricate gala, contact your Carmel Personal Stylist Beth Devine to set up an appointment. We will work together to coordinate the perfect accessories to complete your outfit.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI CIC