Add Some Color–and Pop– With Green

As we move further into fall, we will continue to see some new and old trends that we might want to copy. A really easy way to add some updates to your style is through your makeup, your purses and your jewelry (and shoes, of course).

How Your Personal Stylist Adds Color

As I had mentioned before I am really seeing a large amount of green in clothing –not the typical sleepy Hunter Green, either. It’s more a bright green — think St. Patrick’s Day. A fun way to add some green to your wardrobe can be in makeup. Depending on your eye color, you may already have some shade of green eye shadow or liner. I love to wear a deep green eyeliner since I have blue eyes that can become more of a teal color. Also, a swoosh of green shadow–maybe just a little in your crease–can add a fun pop of color. Just have a light hand and don’t overdo it. My favorite eye pencils are from Lancôme and Makeup Forever. You can also take an eye shadow, wet and eyeliner brush and add shadow like liner. The advantage of this method is you can get the smoky, blended look easier than you can with a pencil. I think this look is more natural, too. I sometimes like metallic versions of green but watch it that you don’t add too much shimmer.

Green purses are fun, too. I, your Personal Stylist, have a Teal Green purse, a very large one, in fact, that I use year-round when I want a break from my red, camel and black bags. It is a surprising neutral that goes with so much. I also have a Hunter Green crossbody bag that is a great addition to my bag wardrobe.

At the Nordstrom sale last July, I spotted a bright green ruffle sweater, green pants as well as a Hunter Green blazer and silky satin green floral skirt. So pretty, and you can wear it so long into the year–to spring really.

I just saw a spot online a couple of days ago with Melania Trump getting off a plane wearing a bright green crewneck sweater and white jeans. It looked so pretty yet simple.

Ralph Lauren Sweater

Green Sweater from your Personal StylistOf course, brunettes have always known they can wear green as well as our Ginger friends. Well, even if you have blonde or lighter brown hair, you can still wear green. Perhaps if you’re fairer with lighter hair, pick a lighter, paler shade of green. If you’re a warm blonde with tan skin like me, wear a truly bright green. I was surprised to find how many shades of green were in my color palette (I am a Spring). So, I buy green — all different shades — quite a lot.

I also like a very pale green as a color in my house. It is so fresh and clean looking. I learned, from experience, however, to not pick the brightest green for a room color. It can be overwhelming. I like a more soft, pale green. It looks so nice with white, pale blue and even yellow.

Crocodile Handbag

Keep it sassy, Indy.


Beth Divine,

AICI Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist