Yes, Bomber Jackets Are Work Appropriate

Bomber Jacket Tips From Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas,

I’ve watched the whole Bomber jacket popularity and wondered if this jacket is appropriate for work, even in a business casual dress code. I would say, “yes,” even though it’s a guarded answer. If you have a neutral-colored Bomber–black, navy, tan, olive, cream, grey, etc.–with very little details I think it could work. The jacket should not be quilted and puffy, or have any shine. I like the ones with the lone black stripe down the sleeve. Pair it with a black or grey, fitted T-shirt dress to control any volume and black boots. It can be a really tailored look. If the dress is slightly boxy, belt it. You might even consider a lighter color Bomber such as this peach one here from Zara.

You can also pair the Bomber with pants or jeans for work. I would make them skinny or straight shapes for more ladies. I like to wear my Bomber with leather leggings or even a leather mini on the weekends or for nights out.

Just about any figure can wear a Bomber since it’s slimming and adds lines. But fit is key. Bigger in the middle shapes should make sure the jacket is fitted and hits past the hips. If it is bulky at all, it will make you look heavier. Also consider a darker color for your Bomber instead of a light one. Consider a lighter color bottom to balance your figure.

Ladies with a bigger in the middle figure should make sure their Bomber jacket silhouette is trim and not round. It should be very fitted, too, to avoid making the middle look round or larger. It should also fit at the mid-hip on this silhouette. The fit of the Bomber is key. If you are larger, don’t buy one that has volume. Petites should make sure their Bomber jacket is not too long. It should fit at the waist or just a little below. It should be fitted as well. For straight figures who want to add volume, consider pairing your Bomber with an A-line dress and it doesn’t have to be that fitted since you want to look curvy.

Adding some accessories such as leather necklaces or some gold touches could make it even more work worthy. You could even make it more fun with some oxford shoes with a pointy toe. Just remember not to pair with Bomber with girly touches. It’s definitely a more tailored, masculine option for women.

For the weekend, the sky’s the limit for your Bomber…For these engagements, add a girly T, or a Boho blouse and some tall boots or even a leather mini. Or go the other direction, and make it more sporty. Add some dark rinse jeans, maybe distress or ragged hem, and some sleek sneakers such as black Vans or even colorful Nikes.

Really it’s all in the “lack” of embellishments that make it work-worthy. So AVOID the bright colored, the satin, the embroidered, the distressed Bombers for work–keep them for the weekend. They are fun but much more appropriate for going out and fun places you go to on your time.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist