Petites and Cuffing Jeans

Indianapolis Personal Stylist Answers Questions About Petites and Jeans

Hello Fashionistas,

Yesterday, I was asked — should petites cuff their jeans/pants?  The gal in question had on black/dark rise jeans and a low-heeled black boot by Lucky Brand. (I do love their casual boots — they are inexpensive but made of leather and hold up quite well. (They are often $99 and below–a great price for leather boots.)

Anyway, I answered her, if at all, make a very small cuff–never a large cuff. The majority opinion is that no, petites should not cuff their jeans, but if a client really love a small cuff, I would say go ahead, but also be open to some other options. Very large cuff shorten legs. Darker jeans with cuffs slim more than lighter jeans with cuffs.Make sure your pants are the same hue or saturation as your boots or shoes to create a longer leg. Or wear a monochromatic look (same shades of a color, head to toe).

Another Idea From Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

Another idea for petites and all of us is to buy a dark boot with a higher shank–fits well above the ankle–and with a more slouchy, wider top, and wear dark skinny jeans you tuck into the boot. Again, you’re creating that long line especially if your boots are dark and your jeans are dark (you don’t have to match, although that creates an even slimmer line.) Also tall boots to the knee and above the knee work, especially if you match your jeans color or saturation.

Better yet, don’t cuff the jean and wear a pointy toe dark pump or kitten heel. Even a flat with a pointy toe will elongate the leg. I sometimes forget what an elegant look a pump with a jean can be. If you go on Pinterest examples abound. Many of us probably automatically think boots and jeans. I encourage you to try pumps and pointy-toe flats — even in winter. I am, of course, a huge fan of leopard print boots, pumps, kitten heels and flats. Just make sure the toe is pointy and not round.

Another way for petites–and all of us for that matter–can elongate the leg is our tight and shoe/boot choice. When you wear a dress — for petites it should definitely be above the knee or shorter–consider matching your tights to your boots. For petites, a higher heel, albeit chunky version, will make your legs look longer. Black with black, burgundy with burgundy, navy with navy, etc or just darker colors with darker colors boots (dark grey with black).

I really love a casual type dress such as in knit or a sweater dress with black tights and black boots. Even a tweedy winter skirt is a great top for these type tight/shoe ensembles., Urban Outfitters and even Athropology has some great winter dress options that are a little more casual. Don’t be afraid to add some color in your dresses and they don’t have to be winter-dreary…I like teal, burgundy, purple and even a dark orange (that looks great with burgundy, by the way).

Anyway, while some of these tips are for petites, everyone can learn new ways to look a little taller and slimmer, right?

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist