Winterizing Your Wardrobe! Don’t forget the Chic!

It’s November, humid days are gone for sure, and as an Indianapolis Fashion Stylist, it’s time to delve into the importance of adding a third layer. Before I delve in, here is a catalog of outfits that include third layers. Click right on the link to order from the store. I purposely had some practical and stylish pics. because – yes men, your style is important, too! Go ahead and click from the catalog – the link will allow you to order directly from the store.

Indianapolis Fashion Stylist Advice for Winter

Indianapolis Fashion Stylist advice on winter coat

Most of the time, when it’s cold, we just reach for the warmest quilted puffer we own, maybe add a hat and gloves and go on with our day. As an Indianapolis Fashion Stylist. I have done that too. We all need utility garments that keep us warm, right? I remember one year I asked my husband for the “then” hot coat a Canada Goose parka. I chose navy instead of black since I look better in navy! I am always thinking of the best colors! Anyway, that winter proved to be the coldest winter yet. Oh, I was so glad I had that coat. I encourage you to have a warm coat as well! When you shop for it, really do your research and see if the coat has a thermal rating – I know Land’s End does this – to make sure the coat will be as warm as you need. And, don’t be afraid to buy your practical puffer in a color such as red, brown, or teal.

Here is one example:

As an Indianapolis Fashion Stylist, I also really like great-quality gloves, scarves, and hats. Make sure when you’re out on a date or other event that you don’t wear all athletic gear, including your hat and gloves. Guys do this quite often, but when you’re trying to make an impression leave the Colts gear at home! Now of course, if you are going to a football game, of course, show your team pride in all its glory!

Indianapolis Fashion Stylist on Men's Winter coat

So look for leather gloves that are warm; cashmere or 100 percent wool scarves and hats. Don’t be afraid to add some contrast to your coat. Here are some common color combinations for coats, hats, and gloves:

  • Black coat – with grey, light blue, cream, olive, white, and houndstooth (black and white check)
  • Brown coat – royal blue, red, cream, tan, teal, olive green
  • Whitecoat – grey, light blue, royal blue, black, navy
  • Navy coat – light blue, grey, black, red, olive
  • Olive coat – red, burgundy, cream, tan

Use your imagination. It is perfectly fine to mix navy and black, brown and black. Prints make your outdoor “outfit” a little more interesting.

When it’s colder, pay attention to your shoes. This is the time to shop for some waterproof boots, and they can be stylish. Chelsea boots are always chic. I, your Indianapolis Fashion Stylist, like suede boots in an earthy tone such as brown, olive, or tan. They will add polish to many outfits, even casual ones.

Need help with your winter wardrobe? Reach out today for a shopping appointment with Beth Divine Style.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC
Indianapolis Fashion Stylist