Why Shopping on the Sales Rack Lets you Down…

As an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, it is not surprising that so many people shop sales when they are looking for new clothes. Some clients tell me they never buy clothing if it’s not on sale. I understand. everyone wants value in their clothing and they think that is always reflected in the price.

I am in the stores all the time as I do my pre-shop for appointments and can see clothing go out on the floor, linger and eventually go on sale. Who knows why? But I do know if you constantly ONLY shop sales you are not cultivating the very wardrobe for yourself and building the image you want to have!

Indiana Wardrobe Stylist advice on sale itemsIndiana Wardrobe Stylist on Shopping Smart

Why? As an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I find over and over that people are lured to the sales racks and often buy pieces that they don’t need, don’t fit perfectly, don’t fit into a wardrobe, or are even defective in some way. You may not even be able to tell or it may be very subtle.

Case in point: I bought a pair of Uggs last winter. Now I have had several pairs of Ugg boots, but I took a break, and then found I really liked them and went back to this iconic brand. I bought these boots at an off-price, outlet-type store although they were not on sale. When I brought them home, I discovered I had two right-foot boots. So I took them back, and the store exchanged them. (This should have been a sign to me!). Then I started wearing my boots and there was something wrong with them. I don’t know what it was but they seemed to have something wrong with the height of one. One shoe was taller than the other one, so when I wore them they would hit strangely on the floor. I ended up throwing them out but probably should have returned them, butI didn’t. I just don’t like returning shoes that I have worn.

Keep It Sassy Indy,

Beth Divine
Indiana Wardrobe Stylist