A Style Story: When Negativity Sets In

As a Carmel Personal Stylist, I meet a lot of people in different stages of their wardrobe. Recently I met with a gentleman named John. He told me the typical things I am hearing these days, “I have worked at home for 2 years. I live in sweatpants and haven’t cut my hair in several months.” Women tell me similar laments: “I live in leggings. I am so lazy and hate my clothes. There is a chance in the future I am going back to the office and of course, I have nothing to wear. I have some COVID weight. I am not feeling that great about myself right now.”

As a Carmel Personal Stylist, I hear these types of statements often, especially since the pandemic. Who would have known suddenly thousands of people would be allowed to work at home and be on video calls for several hours of the day? What is interesting about it is that employers learned working at home could be productive, and many people will never have the traditional office that we once knew. My sister-in-law, who is a patent engineer, says this is called “Hybrid,” basically for her, it means she signs up for office space only on the days she goes to work. The other 2 or more days she works at home.

This shift in work patterns, plus the pre-pandemic trend to dress casual or business-casual in the office will forever impact how we dress. History will point to these changes.

Tips from Your Carmel Personal Stylist

Carmel Personal Stylist sports coatAs Carmel Personal Stylist, that means learning to balance the fine line between professional clothes versus crossing the line into sloppy casual. As we all know, It’s very easy to do. Even though many times you can wear some casual wear with your “work” clothes, I advise against it.  Woven shirts for men or women are still the clear choice for office wear. The exception for women is knit dresses and blazers in thick, structured knitwear that is popular right now.

Examples from Your Personal Stylist

Getting back to the two examples above, starting with John. We just discussed his new position in managing a team, and that included live work in Atlanta in an office. To me, that pointed to dressy business casual. Then we just talk! As a Carment Personal Stylist, I first want to see style personality and how that impacts the wardrobe, and then just personal preference. It turns out John was a more classic style and requested a sports coat, chinos, and button-down shirt. To get the best fit for the sports coat, we went to a tailor’s showroom in Indianapolis, bought it off the rack, and had it altered to fit. We picked a new, fun color since John was barely 27. He loved the color and that went perfectly with his brunette, dark coloring We picked out some Chelsea boots as the final touch and went to a stylist for a haircut and style. John told me he loved these new clothes, and more importantly, the way his confidence soared! Success, success!

My other client opted for a full closet clean-out, based on her best colors, style, and career needs. It seemed “Anne” was somewhat of a serial shopper with scads of tops, statement pants, etc. As a Carment Personal Stylist,  made a shopping list of practical neutrals that she could wear with her many “orphans.” I also recommended the best cut of pants for her shape — not skinny, but straight. Also, I counseled Anne to make a list of all her clothing purchases for the next two months. Eventually, just save money but not bought “pieces” but stocked her closet with better quality pants and jackets in neutral colors such as grey, black, and navy to make more outfits.

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Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA., AICI-CIC

Carmel Personal Stylist